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Inspiring Stories About the Transformative Power of Public Art

The inaugural three years (2015-2018) of the Creative City pilot program supported artists of all disciplines to reimagine places for art in Boston, engage public imagination, and inspire community members to share in civic experiences. With acknowledgement of the Barr Foundation’s funding and thought partnership, NEFA is excited to share the learnings through the Creative City Report and video series featuring the inspiring stories of the pilot program grantee work and the transformative power art can play in civic life.

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Creative City Report – April 2019

Image link: Creative City report cover

Through a learning assessment of the Creative City pilot program conducted by Americans for the Arts' Animating Democracy, the Creative City Report reflects on the impact of the program. 


National Field Scan – April 2019

A group of people dressed in white play music and dance on a grassy field. A blue cabin and tall trees form the background, and the sun shines through the trees.

The Barr Foundation commissioned Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, to conduct a national scan of public art and community-based arts and cultural initiatives, as well as professional development programs. 

Creative City Videos

Creative City Boston’s pilot programming revealed the power and presence of diverse local artist who are committed to creating socially engaged public art. Watch what happened when Boston area artists were supported to take risks, infuse Boston’s landscape with art, and build relationships with area community organizations at the same time.

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