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Creative City supported The Chroma Line, courtesy of Jilian Wiedenmayer

On the side of a building, a mural where a young Black girl holds a ship. A taller person, in yellow, holds her shoulder while she looks back.
NEFA offers 15+ grants to artists and organizations to support the creation and presentation of work.
Two women, in native garb, embrace while two men hold up signs that read "people not costumes" and "indigenous womxn are sacred."
Learn about program background, advisors, and non-grantmaking activities.
In front of fog, three Black folks hold microphones and wear purple and black gowns.
The creative economy is a powerful engine of growth and community vitality. Together, artists, cultural nonprofits, and creative businesses produce and distribute cultural goods and services that
In a gallery, with projections of different colors, two dancers swap. One has a long mask on that looks like fringe.
Search the directory to learn more about what NEFA has supported.
A group of 6 Black people (1 woman, 5 men) standing on a stage in what appears to be an outside amphitheater. They are crouching down towards the camera and all are wearing stylish casual clothing and cool sunglasses.
Center Stage is a cultural exchange program that invites performing artists from select countries to tour U.S. communities.

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