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NEFA invests in artists and communities and fosters equitable access to the arts, enriching the cultural landscape in New England and the nation.

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Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

NEFA offers grants to artists and organizations to support the creation and presentation of work. These are the grants with upcoming deadlines.

Full proposal, by invitation only: June 14, 2023
NDP Production Grants fund the creation and U.S. touring of 20 new dance projects annually.
June 15, 2023
Designed for emerging and mid-career artists around the entire country, Jazz Road Tours support small, three- to six-site tours at an array of venue types, often in rural communities and other areas traditionally underserved by the genre.
NEST 1 and 2: August 1, 2023
Funds nonprofit organizations to present touring artists in venues across New England.
By invitation only: Rolling Deadline
Presentation Grants are made to eligible organizations to support up to 50% of the artist fee and travel expenses per engagement of NDP awarded projects on tour.
By Invitation Only: Rolling Deadline
Presentation Grants are made to invited U.S. presenters and support up to 50% of the artistic fee for NTP projects.

What's happening

Performing Arts
NEFA is pleased to announce that Audrey Seraphin has joined the organization in the role of Program Manager, Regional Grants and Initiatives.
Public Art
Knowing the History When I first started Common Wealth Murals and began organizing murals in Springfield, my friend, mentor, and winner of the 2021 Newell Flather Awards for Leadership in Public Art, Rosemary Tracy Woods, told me “If you’re going to do murals in Springfield, you really need to know
NEFA announced that Susan Evans McClure of the Vermont Arts Council has joined NEFA’s board of directors.
Professional Development
Here are opportunities for this month; check them out and pass them along to your colleagues. Email us if you know of any professional development opportunities, calls to artists, or cultural events that we should consider. The format for these listings is: "deadline/date of event | location of host

Fostering regional, national, and international connections


CreativeGround spotlights the creative people and places at work in New England: cultural nonprofits like libraries and theaters, creative businesses like recording studios and design agencies, and artists of all disciplines such as performing arts, visual arts, and crafts.

Center Stage

Center Stage is among the most successful programs to bring contemporary international performing artists into direct contact with people across a wide range of U.S. communities, and to share these experiences globally.

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