Grant Recipient Details

Boston, MA
Beau Kenyon, Boston, MA
Project Title
the SOUND.
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Creative City Boston - Artist Grant
Grant Amount
  • August 9-November 9, 2018 | Sound Installations and Performances at Boston Public Libraries, the Emerald Necklace, and the Pao Arts Center

the SOUND gathers voice recordings from immigrant students of the Boston International Newcomers Academy [BINcA] and connects them throughout Boston in a series of live performances and sound installations.
Calling upon the tree as a metaphor for family and heritage and water as a symbol for migration and connection, the SOUND is encompassed by three movements: if trees were water, from roots grew branches, and of hope extending. Each interdisciplinary movement works together to convey a single story of hope and success as it is rooted in family.

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A dancer lifts her leg, staring straight ahead, while another dancer deeper in the fog is less visible
Dancers in a field walk around a fog forming in between them.