Grant Recipient Details

Boston, MA
Kerry Thompson | Silent Rhythms, Malden, MA
Project Title
Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Creative City Boston - Artist Grant
Grant Amount
  • June 25 | Salsa in the Park - Deafblind Global Awareness
    Blackstone Community Park, South End | 6 PM - 9 PM

One of the most marginalized population in the world is the DeafBlind. There has been progress in providing access to the arts for people with disabilities, but very little has been done to include the DeafBlind. To address this disparity, Kerry Thompson, a DeafBlind dancer and dance teacher, will be using salsa dance as a way to bridge the gap between the DeafBlind and the general community.

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A man and two women, one in glasses, practice salsa in a bright indoor space
Photo by Maureen White
Kerry leads a young man in the salsa outside in a crowd of people dancing
Photo by Maureen White
Kerry salsas in a crowd of people doing the salsa in a park.
Photo by Maureen White