New England Presenter Travel Fund

Presenter Travel Fund enhances the performing arts in the region by supporting travel costs associated with researching artistic work that may eventually be presented in New England.

New England States Touring supported Blues to Green | photo by David Molnar

Presenter Travel Fund enhances the performing arts in the region by supporting travel costs associated with researching artistic work that may eventually be presented in New England.

Travel grants are also available for arts presenters or curatorial staff to travel for the purpose of seeing projects currently supported through the National Theater Project and the National Dance Project.

Program Goals

  • Broaden the experience and knowledge of New England organizations that present arts programming.
  • Increase the diversity of artists presented in the region.


  • Nonprofit organizations, schools, federally-recognized Indian tribal governments, or units of state or local government based in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) are eligible to apply for a Presenter Travel Fund grant. 
  • The nonprofit organization does not need to be an arts organization. An organization that does not have a federal tax identification number (such as a national historic park) may apply as long as it is part of an official government agency (such as the National Park Service). 
  • Organizations are eligible to receive only one New England Presenter Travel Fund grant per NEFA's fiscal year. 
  • Applicants must be able to provide documentation of their compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Please visit our Arts & Accessibility page for details.

Funding Criteria

Applicants may apply for funding to help cover expenses of attending festivals, showcases, conferences, or other cultural events where they will see artistic work that they may present in their own community.

Presenter Travel Fund grants to New England-based nonprofit organizations will cover up to 100% of travel feels up to $700, including mileage, economy class transportation, meals, lodging, admission, and conference or showcase registration fees. Grants range from $500 to $700.

Presenter Travel Fund gives priority to:

  1. Travel for staff who have limited access to other sources of subsidy for researching artists.
  2. Travel plans that maximize the number of artists/works/genres seen in a single trip (for example, by attending a festival, showcase, or conference).
  3. Travel to conferences with strong showcasing components.

Presenter Travel Fund will not fund:

  1. Travel for individual artists or ensembles to present their own work.
  2. Travel to conferences that do not provide opportunities to see artistic work.
  3. More than one individual from an organization for the same trip.
  4. More than one grant per organization in each fiscal year.

Process & Deadline 


  • One calendar month or more prior to the departure date of the proposed trip: Application due.
  • Within four weeks of application receipt: Funding decisions are made.
  • 40 days from the end of travel: Grant report due (required to receive reimbursement).

Rolling Deadline

Applications are due no later than one calendar month prior to the departure date of the proposed trip.  

Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients 

All organizations are required to provide an IRS W-9 Form (see for current version) and a SAM UEI (Unique Entity ID). Getting a UEI is free process and can be done by visiting

Grant payments will be made upon receipt of the following which must be submitted within 40 days after the funded trip:

  1. A completed Presenter Travel Fund Report Form for each grant. Access your grant report by clicking below:
    Return to Your Grant Application
  2. Copies of all line-itemized receipts for reimbursable travel expenses, excluding meals, and a completed Receipt Form.
  3. A short narrative which summarizes the artistic quality of the work you saw, heard, and/or experienced, and the value of this trip and the subsidy to your arts institution.

Failure to provide this material within 40 days of the trip may result in cancellation of the grant and all pending NEFA grants. If the travel dates change or the trip is cancelled, or if you anticipate a delay in submission of materials, please contact Falyn Rose Elhard (they/them).

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