CreativeGround celebrates the region’s artists, creatives, culture bearers, arts and culture organizations and creative businesses.

CreativeGround is NEFA’s primary tool for network and knowledge building across the New England creative economy. A unique combination of database and directory, the user-generated and maintained profiles on CreativeGround provide a real-time picture of the broad spectrum of creative people and places at work in the six New England states and the important connections between them. The platform allows the people of the creative community to share who they are, what they do, and what they contribute, advocating with their own voices for engagement, support, and investment. 

CreativeGround is: 

  • A connection platform; it is used by creative professionals AND the public to connect with the creatives in their community and region. (Anyone worldwide can search CreativeGround, but only arts and culture assets in New England can have profiles, as the site is a regional resource.) 
  • A community-generated and managed online space for creative people and places to describe their work, showcase a gallery of their creations, and spotlight their collaborators.  
  • The only creative economy research database/asset map in the U.S. that is exposed through a searchable directory and updated directly by creatives “on the ground.” 
  • The official state cultural directories and artist roster directories for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 
  • A complementary resource to NEFA’s portfolio of New England grantmaking in dance, music, presenting and touring, public art, and theater  
  • An online representation of NEFA’s work to support the New England creative economy, including a research definition of the creative sector, commissioned reports, and region-wide meetings and events 

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Looking for ways to get involved with CreativeGround?

  • Search for a range of collaborators and resources: artists/creatives and culture bearers, from teaching artists to designers; venues like arts centers and libraries and recording studios; and supports like arts councils, makerspaces, professional guilds, and more. Discover the work they do, who they collaborate with, and the communities they engage.
  • Get listed by creating or claiming a free public profile for yourself or for the creative entity you represent.
  • Connect with regional community members by messaging them through their profiles, receiving messages through your own CreativeGround profile, and contributing to conversations about New England’s creative economy. Follow CreativeGround on Instagram.
  • Visit the Dig In page for ideas and resources on how to promote CreativeGround to your neighbors and constituents and get the most out of your unique CreativeGround experience.
  • Contact the CreativeGround team to schedule an information session for your community of creative professionals. 


  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Barr Foundation
  • Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development
  • Maine Arts Commission
  • Massachusetts Cultural Council
  • New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
  • Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
  • Vermont Arts Council

For more information, see the About page on CreativeGround.


In 2014, CreativeGround replaced NEFA’s previous online research database (CultureCount), online performing artist/presenter/venue directory ( and Native American Artist Directory. CreativeGround is comprised of new user-generated profiles and profiles from the previous directories, including data previously provided by: the National Center for Charitable Statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, the Maine Humanities Council, and the Maine State Archives.

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