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Things have been busy for us these past few months, especially if you attended the Idea Swap, or any of the various conferences and festivals held in New York City in January. But we’re already looking ahead to spring around here, and any presenters applying to our upcoming New England States Touring (NEST) grant deadline should too! Any New England-based nonprofit organizations that present arts programming are invited to apply by Monday, March 2, for grant funding to support the presentation of regional, national, and international artists in New England communities.

About the New England States Touring Grant Program

The NEST program funds the presentation of regional, national, and international artists presented by New England-based nonprofit organizations.

Depending on the project, there will be three distinct grant opportunities for New England nonprofit organizations to apply. Proposed performance(s) and engagement activities may begin three months after the deadline.

NEST 1: Funds the public presentation and engagement of a New England artist presented by a New England nonprofit organization.

  • The nonprofit organization must be located in a different New England state from the performing artist’s home state.

NEST 2: Funds tours of New England-based artists where one presenting organization is based inside of the artist’s home state and one other organization applying from outside of the artist’s home state.

NEST 3: Funds tours of presentations by New England nonprofit organizations of regional, national, or international artists that include a minimum of three presenting organizations in different communities. The organizations applying must be from at least two different New England states.

Watch the NEST Grant Informational Webinar to hear more about the guidelines, application process, and more. 

Tips for Submitting Your Application

  • Review the narrative questions prior to starting your application form. Please note some questions have been revised.
  • All applicants are responsible for carefully reviewing the program goals and funding criteria. This information should be considered when developing plans for community engagements. Each project should include at least one public performance and additional community engagement activities. 
  • NEST 3 projects only: A word about the required work sample – please submit a segment of fully produced work and downloadable file. We do not recommend submitting trailers or highly edited promo videos. Sharing samples of full performances will help panelists in their assessment of your application.
  • Begin your application at least one week before the deadline. Save your application form frequently in the NEFA grants portal to prevent losing your work. We highly recommend building your application in a separate Word doc for back-up too! 

Here are a few resources to help you find touring partners:

  • Each year NEFA hosts the Idea Swap, an event for New England-based nonprofit cultural organizations and touring artists to network and share touring project ideas. Find touring project ideas shared during the 2019 Idea Swap and contact info for all participants to explore and connect with potential collaborators.
  • NEST 2 and 3 applicants are invited to fill in this Google Form to allow participants to see all tours in development. Looking for additional presenter partners? Add your details in the form to spread the word.
  • All NEST presenter applicants must update their profiles on the CreativeGround directory to capture their organization’s work and mission, activities, and additional details based on the NEST Presenter Profile Recommendations. Take a moment to also search the directory to find presenting organizations, artists, and nonprofit partners for potential collaborative projects. You can search by keywords and different search criteria, including by state, profile type, and artistic disciplines.
  • New England arts presenting organizations are welcome to join Arts Presenters of Northern New England (APNNE) and New England Presenters (NEP) for networking and peer-to-peer learning throughout the year. Membership meetings include topics such as block booking, current issues in the arts, contract negotiation, marketing strategies, and more. Contact NEP or APNNE if you are interested in joining:

          NEP: Hanna Oravec, President, and Lori Jones, Vice President

          APNNE: Click here to contact the APNNE Board.

We’re looking forward to all of the applications that we receive!


NEFA staff are available on Monday through Friday from 9-5pm ET to offer guidance and technical assistance for applicants.

  • Adrienne Petrillo (she/her/hers), Program Director, New England Presenting & Touring
  • Daniela Jacobson (she/her/hers), Program Manager, New England Presenting & Touring
  • Falyn Rose Elhard (they/them/theirs), Program Associate, New England Presenting & Touring