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Artist: Phantom Limb Company

Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 trans-Antarctic expedition is one of the greatest feats of endurance ever attempted. When their ship sinks in its quest to traverse Antarctica, the goal changes from discovery to survival. In 69°S., this tale of willpower at the edge of the world is brought to life through dance, life-sized puppetry, and cinema. Original score by Erik Sanko. Recorded by the Kronos Quartet, with live music by Skeleton Key. ArtsEmerson will present in April 2020; seeking future engagements. 

Submitted By: Ronee Penoi | Octopus Theatricals | Princeton, NJ


Artist: The Garifuna Collective

Members of The Garifuna Collective have been making music together for more than 20 years, acting as ambassadors to Garifuna culture. Their new album, ABAN, translates as "ONE" from the Garifuna language, and reflects the spirit of unity and self-sufficiency that has kept this Afro-Indigenous people, language, and culture alive and fighting in the Caribbean and Central America for over 300 years. The Collective engages with audiences of all ages and are skilled leaders of workshops and Q&As.

Submitted By: Chloe Powell | BarnArts/GlobaLocal | Barnard, VT


Artist: Monkeyhouse

Abridged is a collection of moving illustrations from The Dictionary of Negative Space, focused on what remains when the unimaginable cuts things short. Using a socially engaged process, Karen Krolak explores unnamed ideas with communities, related to mourning, trauma, and healing to develop pieces. Thanks to an I-ARE residency at The Dance Complex, we have workshops, engagement tools, and 40 mins of material. Planning a Boston premiere in the 2020-21 season, and then a tour. 

Submitted By: Karen Krolak | Monkeyhouse | Somerville, MA

Activist Songbook

Artist: Byron Au Yong and Aaron Jafferis

Composer Byron Au Yong and lyricist Aaron Jafferis explore how civil rights organizing and music intersect to inspire action and sustain the fight towards equity. Living between oppression and imagination, Activist Songbook calls for justice through live performances, informational scores, and instructional recordings. Activist Songbook is about community process as much as performance. It's a wonderful fit for universities and venues wishing to collaborate with their multifaceted community.

Submitted By: Melissa Huber | International Festival of Arts & Ideas | New Haven, CT

Afro Cuban Jazz & Dance: The Roots of Salsa and Latin Meets Jazz: A Musical History and Journey

Artist: Ed Fast & Congabop

Afro Cuban Jazz & Dance:The Roots of Salsa is a program that explores the music, dance, and narrative of the origins of Salsa. Latin Meets Jazz: A Musical History and Journey is a music, dance, and narrative experience that reveals the history of the powerful meeting and collaboration of multiple cultures.

Submitted By: Ed Fast | Congabop | Hartford, CT

Aggression Confession

Artist: Vanessa Anspaugh

In a time when we are flooded with insurmountable atrocities (bodies abused, bodies crossing borders, bodies held in captivity; starved, tortured, bodies held in the prison industrial complex), contemporary dance-maker Vanessa Anspaugh asks how do we not desensitize ourselves to the enormity of bodies in pain? Mining the trauma of "the everyday", this new theatrical-dance work looks at the myriad ways the female body both holds and processes atrocity, and asks how aggression lives alongside care. 

Submitted By: Shoshona Currier | Bates Dance Festival | Lewiston, ME


Artist: Ananya Dance Theatre

Agun is a meditation on migration, home, and footwork via our ability to share rhythm, movement, and identity. Historic journeys laden with hope, heartbreak, violence, and families torn apart, from the Native American forced marches to Indian Partition to the U.S.-Mexico Border crisis. Dramaturgical and choreographic consultants include Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Sharon Bridgeforth.

Submitted By: Michael Sakamoto | UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center, Asian Arts and Culture Program | Amherst, MA

Ain't I A Woman

Artist: Castle of Our Skins

The Ain't I a Woman project explores Black feminism through classical vocal music, spoken word, and history. Works by such Black female composers as Florence Price, Zenobia Powell Perry, Jacquline Hairston, and L. Viola Kinney intertwine with the empowering words of Sojourner Truth, Mari Evans, and Nilene Omodele Adeoti Foxworth in a celebration of Black women and their creative power. The total number of artists involved in this project includes two vocalists, one pianist, and one spoken word artist.

Submitted By: Ashleigh Gordon | Castle of Our Skins | Dorchester, MA

The Alehouse Sessions

Artist: Barokksolistene

An intimate journey into the music of the English 17th Century tavern, giving audiences a window into this tumultuous period through Purcell overtures, English sea shanties, and raucous Scandinavian and Canadian folk songs. When Cromwell closed all the theaters, artists were forced off the stages and into alehouses, inns, and taverns. This historical foray away from the traditional concert model is the heart of the Sessions. "Irresistible.” (The Times); "Fabulously unrestrained.” (The Guardian).

Submitted By: Liza Sacheli and Allison Coyne Carroll | Mahaney Arts Center and the Middlebury Performing Arts Series at Middlebury College | Middlebury, VT

An American Songbook.... Spontaneous Being

Artist: Lee Mixashawn Rozie

An American Songbook embraces the music of the Americas, from Indigenous to Bebop, Stomp to Funk, Ragtime to no time, music that freely spans styles and labels, driven by the inner pulse of creativity that we call jazz. Lee Mixashawn Rozie, the writer, conductor, and composer of An American Songbook, will conduct a group of world-class musicians as they embody the millennium-old philosophy of Spontaneous Being which has guided Indigenous people for thousands of years into today's Jazz Republic.

Submitted By: Steven Raider Ginsburg | Autorino Center for the Arts and Humanities at the University of Saint Joseph | West Hartford, CT

ATTHIS and Silently Drawn


ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX presents the multimedia operas ATTHIS, by Austrian composer G. F. Haas, and Silently Drawn, by E/P's Artistic Director, Peyman Farzinpour. In ATTHIS, Haas has woven together fragments of Sappho's poetry to create a rapturous work highlighting the trajectory of love's emotional extremes. Silently Drawn is a setting of the love poetry of Rumi. The works will be performed back to back, fully staged, with choreography by Kitty McNamee, and multimedia by world-renowned video artists.

Submitted By: Peyman Farzinpour | ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX | Providence, RI

A(Way) Out of My Body

Artist: David Dorfman Dance

A(Way) Out of My Body is David Dorfman Dance's newest evening-length work, and a first-time collaboration with the Obie-Award winning interactive-electronics artist Andrew Schneider. The piece investigates out-of-body experiences as related to intergenerational trauma, and the mental burden and physical impact of surviving personal adversity. A(Way) Out of My Body takes audience members on an exploration of their own resilience and capacity for joy when overcoming physical and societal limitations. 

Submitted By: Shannon Mayers | Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College | Keene, NH

Bassel and the Supernaturals

Artist: Bassel and the Supernaturals

Bassel & The Supernaturals tells the story of Bassel Almadani's experience as a first generation Syrian-American, using soulful melodies, funk inspired grooves, and captivating lyrics regarding love, loss, and the war in Syria. Bassel uses the stage as a vehicle to share his music and experience with audiences across North America at major festivals, performance halls, concert series, and clubs. The group offers educational activities about everything from songwriting to business for musicians.

Submitted By: Melissa Richmond | West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts | Claremont, NH

Bee Parks and the Hornets

Artist: Bee Parks and the Hornets

An indie pop-rock band for all ages and insects, Bee Parks and the Hornets perform theatrical concerts that combine rock music, puppetry, and audience participation to inspire families to get up and move, both with their feet and in their communities. Featuring all-original songs about empathy, equality, environmental awareness, and dancing your heart out, this five-piece band takes the audience on a musical journey to discover what it truly means to be a bee. Currently available for touring. 

Submitted By: Brittany Parker | Bee Parks and the Hornets | Rockport, ME

Berklee Indian Ensemble - 2020 New England Tour

Artist: Berklee Indian Ensemble

152 Million hits. Musicians from 49 countries. Indian music in all its forms. The Berklee Indian Ensemble is a professional touring outfit that emerged at Berklee College of Music. Founded in a classroom, and now a global, viral sensation, theirs is a new Indian sound that melds classical, folk, Sufi, and contemporary Indian music with hip-hop, jazz, Middle Eastern, and African flavors. The Ensemble seeks to perform in the New England area in 2020, as they launch the first of a 3-album series.

Submitted By: Annette Phillip | Berklee Indian Ensemble | Boston, MA

The Bill of Rights

Artist: Neely Bruce

The Bill of Rights set to music is composer Neely Bruce's response to the changing political climate. Literally giving voice to the masses, Neely conducts local choirs, choral groups, and musicians in a work that creates an awe-inspiring awareness of the text written by our Founding Fathers. Listening to the evening news will never be the same after this profound and impactful community experience. Neely Bruce's The Bill of Rights inspires singers and listeners alike to connect to today's news.

Submitted By: Susan Gates and Sue Birch | Chelmsford Center for the Arts and Siegel Artist Management | Chelmsford, MA

Blood Bag

Artist: Eli Nixon

Blood Bag is an interdisciplinary arts project for all ages. It is a professional theater production with an accompanying cardboard sculpting workshop for the public. It communicates through clowning, music, puppetry and dance in an interlocking web of provocations about racial and environmental justice, history, and science. It's an homage to horseshoe crabs, an effort to destabilize whiteness, and a theatrical exploration of interspecies kinship, adaptation, and the threat of extinction.

Submitted By: Eli Nixon | Pawtucket, RI

Bollywood Boulevard

Artist: Bollywood Boulevard

The vibrancy, emotion, and heart-pounding beat of Hindi cinema comes to the stage with dance, live music, storytelling, and stunning visuals. A journey from the birth of Hindi cinema to present day, experience the spirit, artistry, and history of India's famed film industry, from the classics of the black and white era to the foot-tapping blockbusters of today. Bollywood Boulevard was co-commissioned by the Bushnell.

Submitted By: Heena Patel | MELA Arts Connect | Edison, NJ

Burnt-Out Wife

Artist: Sara Juli

Burnt-Out Wife explores the decay and detritus of marriage. Separation, sex deprivation, and lack of communication add up to wanting to run from the popular, yet impossible, binding contract. Using her comedic text-driven dance style, Sara Juli blows up marriage for a total reimagining. World Premiere co-commissioned by SPACE and Portland Ovations, with dramaturgy by Michelle Mola, set by Pamela Moulton, costumes by Carol Farrell, and lighting by Justin Moriarty. For mature audiences only.

Submitted By: Francine Sheffield | Sheffield Global Arts Management | Falmouth, ME

Canary in the Gold Mine, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5G

Artist: Piti Theatre Company

Boston, 2010: Godeliève, a new mom, becomes dizzy. Two sleepless years later, a wise old woman says, "it could be the wireless." What happens when there's nowhere to go? A comedic, urgent autobiography from inside the coal, er, gold mine, Canary is a new solo show by Piti co-founder Jonathan Mirin, inspired by his wife's experience with electro-hypersensitivity (aka "microwave sickness"), and the nationwide roll-out of 5G. "Very funny... Mirin is a performer with energy to burn." (

Submitted By: Jonathan Mirin | Piti Theatre Company | Shellburne Falls, MA


Artist: Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Meyers

CARTOGRAPHY is a theatrical performance rooted in the commonalities of migration, and the concrete and metaphorical mapping at the center of worlds in motion. CARTOGRAPHY utilizes the tools Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers developed in their long careers, thinking about identity, young people, and contemporary arts, and working with immigrant children in the US and abroad. Workshops for local immigrant and refugee communities can generate materials that inform the mainstage performance. 

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME


Artist: Abilities Dance Boston

Chroma is a 30 minute piece that highlights the women of color with and without disabilities in the company. Focusing on the intersectional aspects of race, gender, and disability identities, there are five different pieces with color associations and lighting matching each color. There is original music composed, and audio descriptions over the music as access for blind/low vision folks, and CART for deaf/HoH folks.  

Submitted By: Ellice Patterson | Abilities Dance Boston | Brookline, MA

Circle of Life

Artist: A Far Cry

Circle of Life is a globe-trotting A Far Cry concert program, exploring the phases of life through well-loved and new string orchestra music, including Rautavaara's Pelimannit; Ali-Zadeh's Shyshtar: Metamorphoses for String Orchestra; Dvorak's Serenade for Strings; Beethoven's Heiliger Dankgesang, from String Quartet op.132, arr. by A Far Cry; and Karl Doty's Castles. As part of A Far Cry's series at Boston's Jordan Hall, Circle of Life is available for runout performances throughout New England.

Submitted By: Grace Kennerly | A Far Cry | Jamaica Plain, MA

Circus Capstone Project

Artist: New England Center for Circus Arts

For aspiring circus performers, New England Center for Circus Art's three year ProTrack program provides elite acrobatic and aerial training alongside movement and physical theater, instigating a deeper capacity for creativity within circus arts. In their final year, a small group of these accomplished students devise a show for touring, embracing innovation and daring at the intersection of circus, theater, and dance. We are looking for theaters to fill out our tour around NY, VT, and NH in May, 2020.

Submitted By: Serenity Smith Forchion | New England Center for Circus Arts | Brattleboro, VT

The City of Others

Artist: Sankofa Danzafro

Colombia's Sankofa Danzafro builds bridges between Afro-Colombian peoples and the African continent. Rooted in African dance, yet developed through the framework of the daily, traditional, and contemporary, Sankofa's works are a combination of poetic dance built on the ideas of social bonding, personal growth and the positioning of local cultures in the national dynamics. The City of Others is a work showcasing powerful Afro-Colombian and Afro-contemporary dance with live drumming and singing.

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME

Conference of the Birds

Artist: Anikaya

An evening-length multi-media movement theater work inspired by the epic poem of Farid Ud din Attar embodying modern-day stories of migration. Created by a team of artists from 10 countries and five continents, this performance transforms Attar's original Persian poem to tell the story of our times: a story of migration, of finding our way, of finding community through our struggles. How can we be different together? An answer lies in the dancers' bodies, and in the layering of voices and imagery.

Submitted By: Liza Sacheli and Allison Coyne Carroll | Mahaney Arts Center and the Middlebury Performing Arts Series at Middlebury College | Middlebury, VT

The Dance of da Vinci 2.0

Artist: Sonia Plumb Dance Company

The Dance of da Vinci 2.0 is a 75-minute dance based on Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, compiled by Jean Paul Richter. The work includes eight dancers, choreography by Sonia Plumb, music by Michael Wall, projections by Bryan Swormstedt, and costumes by Sabrina Notarfransisco. The dance is broken into five sections: il Corpo (The Body), Vite degli animali (the lives of animals), Fisica, Geometria, e Luoghi Sacri (physics, geometry and sacred places), Musings and Prophecies, and Componere. Premiering November 2019.

Submitted By: Sonia Plumb | Sonia Plumb Dance Company | Hartford, CT

The Davis Sisters Are Absolutely in Love All the Time Always: A Romantic Comedy

Artist: The Davis Sisters

This is a new evening length dance theater project created and performed by Joy and Alexander Davis. From Shakespeare to Disney princesses to the contemporary Romantic Comedy (Rom Com), performed narratives about love have historically driven cultural perception of what it means and what it looks like to be in love with someone else. Utilizing the structures of the early 2000s Rom Com, The Davis Sisters explore themes of commitment, heteronormativity, queerness, intimacy, and friendship.

Submitted By: Alexander Davis | The Davis Sisters | Boston, MA

Detroit Red

Artist: Will Power/Lee Sunday Evans

The world forever knows him as Malcolm X, but when he lived in Roxbury (Boston), they called him Detroit Red. Internationally renowned playwright Will Power combines the accuracy of a historian with the lyricism of a poet, to shine a contemporary light on a pivotal coming-of-age moment in the celebrated, controversial civil rights leader's life. Premieres at ArtsEmerson February 2020, seeking future engagements.

Submitted By: Ronee Penoi | Octopus Theatricals | Princeton, NJ

Dinuk Wijeratne Trio

Artist: Dinuk Wijeratne Trio

The genre-bending Wijeratne Trio performs the music of pianist Dinuk Wijeratne, exploring sonorities at the intersections of world, classical, and jazz. The trio, also featuring bassist Jon Suters and virtuoso percussionist Nick Halley, have experience encompassing collaborations with James Taylor to Yo-Yo Ma, to orchestras and ensembles across North America. Innovative educators Halley and Wijeratne lead workshops in everything from creativity techniques to rhythm, composition, and performance.

Submitted By: Melissa Richmond | West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts | Claremont, NH

ex nihilo: out of nothing

Artist: Joy Davis / joyproject

Working with Brian Swimme's The Universe Is A Green Dragon, and texts by Alan Lightman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Mary Oliver on cosmological physics, poetry, and beingness, this work incorporates luscious movement and gestures into wonder and contemplation of our place in the story of the universe. The source material is a series of seven ensemble, duet, and solo works created by joyproject since 2016, which have culminated in this new evening length project. Premier: Bridgewater State University Guest Dance Residency.

Submitted By: Joy Davis | joyproject | Cambridge, MA

Fading Brightness

Artist: Loom Ensemble

Fading Brightness is a post-modern dance-theater rom-com. In the stillness of a meditation retreat, our protagonist's memories unfold a new take on a classic love triangle. Death is a giant bird. Life is a tiny, fuzzy creature living on Death's back. Death and Life watch from their private perch, as our characters make their way from panic attacks to transformation. Music by Broadway artist Grace McClean, choreography by Pilobolus dance captain Neva Cockrell. Ready to tour in March 2020. 

Submitted By: Neva Cockrell | Loom Ensemble | Springfield, VT

Falling Out

Artist: Phantom Limb Company

Inspired by the catastrophic 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, this rippling meditation on water, heartbreak, and toxic fallout fuses contemporary krump dance and Japanese butoh tradition with Phantom Limb's singular style of puppet theater. Created in collaboration with Dai Matsuoka of Sankai Juku, Falling Out weaves music, movement, and design into a haunting tapestry. Presented at BAM, Kennedy Center, Oz Arts Nashville, Utah Presents. NEFA National Theater Project subsidy available.

Submitted By: Ronee Penoi | Octopus Theatricals | Princeton, NJ

Go Home Tiny Monster

Artist: The Gottabees

Go Home Tiny Monster is a highly interactive show for young audiences that engages families in rebuilding a neighbor's home after a disaster. Told entirely without words, the show uses puppetry, live music, and physical theater to create a playful, imaginary space where children as young as four can empathize with a character in need, and act on their powerful instinct to help. The show can be used in partnership with community service and charitable organizations, especially those addressing homelessness.

Submitted By: Bonnie Duncan | The Gottabees | Boston, MA

Homage to Grämlis 

Artist: Gabriela Martina

I am currently writing on an album called Homage to Grämlis, which tells the story of my upbringing on a beautiful dairy farm in Switzerland. It includes Swiss traditional yodel sounds, cow bells, accordion, and alphorn, fused with musical influences including Gospel, RnB, Soul, Jazz, and more. My album tells various personal stories that people will be able to learn from with regards to today's global issues, such as hunger versus luxury, organic food versus processed food, farm life versus city life, and more.  

Submitted By: Gabriela Martina | Brighton, MA

Hot Water Over Raised Fists

Artist: Jenny Oliver/Connections Dance Theater

Hot Water Over Raised Fists uses movement, light, and sculptural elements to create a visceral experience of empathy and hope. Sparked to action by the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock and the lead-water crisis in Flint, MI, the collective invites audiences to join the resistance throughout this performance-installation. Premiered in June at the Boston Center for the Arts, an excerpt will be presented in NY in November.

Submitted By: Jenny Oliver | Connections Dance Theater | Boston, MA


Artist: Huang Yi

Taiwanese choreographer/dancer/inventor Huang Yi and his robot KUKA blend razor sharp precision and stunning artistry, harmoniously weaving together the art of dance and the science of mechanical engineering in a poetic work, flawlessly intertwining modern dance and visual arts with the realm of robotics. Joined on stage by two dancers, this performance is a process of beautifying the sorrow and sadness of Huang's childhood: an expression of loneliness, self-doubt, self-realization, and self-comfort. 

Submitted By: Kathleen Pletcher | FirstWorks | Providence, RI


Artist: John McDonnell Tierney

Composer/Playwright John McDonnell Tierney presents a musical for today, HUMANITY'S CHILD 2020. This amazing, all-female international cast of 20-somethings have just come off a wildly successful off-Broadway run from August 9 through September 1 at the historic Players Theatre in New York City, and shortly before that, were a hit at the New York Theater Festival (July 29-August 3rd). We have a show, we have a cast, we have a mission...we don't have any money. Seeking strategies and solutions.

Submitted By: John Tierney | The Peaceful Educator Foundation | Shelburne Falls, MA

Hungarian Nights in Dance & Song

Artist: Liget Dance Ensemble & Crystal Theatre

This is a joint artistic project featuring Hungarian dancers, choreographer Tibor Paar, and the singers of Crystal Theatre, presenting authentic international folk dance; music from Hungarian Nights, The Musical written by Mariner Pezza, with original music & lyrics  by Cheryl Kemeny; and Hungarian folk music evoking the fire and passion of an ancient peasant culture. Hungarian Nights will take you on an exotic journey into a disappearing past.

Submitted By: Cheryl E Kemeny | Crystal Theatre | Norwalk, CT

Browse Projects by Title: I-P


Artist: Lida Winfield

IMAGINARY is a quirky and innovative, yet socially poignant, performance that explores perception in relationship to the imagination. Mixing dance/theater, storytelling, and original music, IMAGINARY investigates the impact of the imagination and its interplay between social and cultural constructs. IMAGINARY features six performers.

Submitted By: Lida Winfield | Middlebury, VT

In Flight

Artist: Ice Dance International

Building a bridge from sport to art, IDI's In Flight is a 90 minute ice dance performance showcasing the repertory of Artistic Director Douglas Webster, dance luminaries Edward Villella and Trey McIntyre, and renowned ice dance choreographers Benoit Richaud and Cindy Stuart. IDI exists to showcase and promote ice dancing as an international performing art form that blends dance and skating, bringing the highest caliber of the art form to communities across the United States. 

Submitted By: Douglas Webster | Ice Dance International | Kittery, ME

In the Roundhouse: Contemporary Native American Music

Artist: Thea Hopkins

My proposal is a Contemporary Native American music program titled In the Roundhouse. In Native American culture, the Round House is a place of gathering for celebrations and sharing. The program will consist entirely of Native American artists. Traditional Native American music is not the primary focus here, though those influences and inspirations are present. In the Roundhouse intends to present the scope and reach of what Native American musicians are doing in the 21st century.

Submitted By: Thea Hopkins | Somerville, MA


Artist: The ERA

IN THE WURKZ is a touring dance performance based on the lives and dreams of young dancers on the west and south sides of Chicago. The evening-length show unveils a history of footwork dancing, tracing its development from "the holy ghost," the first footwork dance move inspired by spirit possession in Church, to a citywide black, teenage dance culture that keeps youth safe in dangerous neighborhoods across Chicago.

Submitted By: Shoshona Currier | Bates Dance Festival | Lewiston, ME

Island of Peoples


ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX presents the electro-acoustic multimedia opera, Island of Peoples, composed by Gabriele Vanoni, which recounts the stories of three immigrants: a Jewish Holocaust survivor, an Armenian genocide survivor, and an Italian immigrant, who all came through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century. The libretto was created from the oral histories archived at the Ellis Island Museum. The opera will be preceded by the overture, Intolleranza 2020, composed by Peyman Farzinpour.

Submitted By: Peyman Farzinpour | ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX | Providence, RI


Artist: Tori Lawrence + Co.

JUNKSPACE is an evening-length, site-adaptive work that queers traditional relationships between performers, space, and audience. Rather than the space serving as a platform on which to display dancers and musicians, the work collaborates with the site through score-based composition and disembodied sound. Pairing rugged athleticism with haunting minimalism, the performers guide the audience from room to room, drawing their attention to subtleties within the architecture.

Submitted By: Tori Lawrence | Tori Lawrence + Co. | Shoreham, VT

Kinan Azmeh CityBand

Artist: Kinan Azmeh CityBand

Hailed as "a virtuoso" and as "intensely soulful" by The New York Times, Kinan Azmeh is familiar to audiences for his longtime participation in Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. His NYC ensemble, formed in 2006, is known for virtuosic and high energy performances that travel between classical music, jazz, and the music of his homeland, Syria. Azmeh's expressive clarinet meets Kyle Sanna's rustic guitar, soaring over the dynamic backdrop of John Hadfield's percussion and Josh Myers' double bass. 

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME

Las Cafeteras

Artist: Las Cafeteras

Las Cafeteras remixes roots music to tell modern day stories, through a vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound and a positive message. Afro-Mexican beats, rhythms, and rhymes, and inspiring lyrics tell stories of love and justice. With over 15 years experience in education, organizing, curriculum development, social work, movement building, and performance, Las Cafeteras offer workshops, trainings, and residencies in an effort to engage a wide variety of audiences.

Submitted By: Sue McFarland | UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center, Center Series | Amherst, MA

Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro

Artist: Double Edge Theatre

Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro is inspired by the visual art, writings, and life of British-born Mexican artist, feminist, and refugee Leonora Carrington, and her unique mentorship of the Chilean-Jewish filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. This surreal performance is steeped in magic and reveals not only the expansive, alchemical melding of a great seer with her disciple, but also their spiritual tug of war.

Submitted By: Adam Bright | Double Edge Theatre | Ashfield, MA

Leonora's World

Artist: Double Edge Theatre

Leonora's World is a site specific spectacle directed by Stacy Klein, and inspired by the paintings and art of the magical surrealist Leonora Carrington. A golden field becomes a winding labyrinth, a Wheel of Fortune spins, and luminous characters wander through hidden interiors, accompanied by song and flight. The audience travels from daylight through sunset and under the night skies, lit by fire which illuminates ancient lands and arctic waters.

Submitted By: Adam Bright | Double Edge Theatre | Ashfield, MA


Artist: Rennie Harris Puremovement

Leading hip-hop choreographer Rennie Harris reaches out to new audiences with Lifted, which features gospel music and hip-hop dance theater to illuminate the spirit of House dance and themes of social justice. Loosely based on the story of Oliver Twist, Lifted follows a young Black man who is surrounded and supported by his church community. Lifted merges the organic spiritual tapestry of House and gospel music to create an epic dance narrative realized through the complex footwork of House dance.

Submitted By: Kathleen Pletcher | FirstWorks | Providence, RI

Living History: Your Milltown Musical

Artist: Piti Theatre Company

Piti Theatre Company can devise a script that puts issues like immigration and education into context, by bringing to life their historical, local roots. The company has created a dramatic framework adaptable to any New England mill town. The new script, video, and town-specific songs become resources for local schools, museums, etc. The residency is designed for a mixed ages cast who perform with Piti. Franklin Opera House in Franklin, NH, is planning for a July residency and Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Museum in Deerfield, MA, is looking at November 2020.

Submitted By: Dan Darling | Franklin Opera House | Franklin, NH



Lovepiece is a dance and sound installation about the work it takes to build a healthy relationship with yourself, uncovering the process of healing from rejection, hate, poverty, and humiliation. The work explores the dichotomy between Black and Latino queer relationships, and the exchange of culture with attachments to harboring feelings of wanting to be accepted, wanting to be in financially stable relationships, being young and HIV positive, and being put on a pillory for your own personal act of love.


Low Ground: A Work in Progress Through the Olin College Sketch Model Creative Residency and New Movement Collaborative's Inaugural BOOM Residency

Artist: Jenna Pollack and Dr. Benjamin Linder

A choreographer and an engineer have plunged into a research process spanning the realms of sustainable design and dance. Engaging with the fundamental experience of loss, we are creating structurally-engineered figures to join three dancers on stage, in a narrative through delight, impermanence, fragility, and urgency. The piece will construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct both structural and emotional states to highlight how, in a constrained world, every detail becomes important with a 2020 Tour.

Submitted By: Jenna Pollack | Boston, MA


Artist: Janoah...anygoodjokes?

meSSeS is an evening length, optionally-interactive, family friendly show that plays with juggling as practice and metaphor. Audiences learn to juggle while performer Janoah...anygoodjokes? tosses together teaching, performing, circus, dance, puppetry, hot drinks, popcorn, stories, and texts that explore labor and time. Funded by the Maine Arts Commission, meSSeS debuted at Mayo Street Arts in Spring 2019, and will be performed again at SPACE in November as part of Portland Dance Month.

Submitted By: Janoah Bailin | The Living Room Dance Collective | Portland, ME

Mixed Rep

Artist: StepAfrika!

StepAfrika! blends percussive dance styles practiced by historically African American fraternities and sororities, African traditional dance, and influences from a variety of other dance and art forms. StepAfrika! promotes stepping as an educational tool for young people, holding workshops, residency programs, and a variety of arts education activities for K-12 and college students. Featuring works from StepAfrika!'s repertoire, this project is outside of their NDP-supported piece, Drumfolk.

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME

MoMents of Nice

Artist: ali kenner brodsky & co

MoMents of Nice is an evening-length dance-theater work exploring memory, loss, and love. Through subtle, gestural movement and emotionally evocative music, MoMents of Nice evokes memories of past relationships, the longing for a closeness once felt, and the challenge of how to move forward. MoMents of Nice will premiere at Space Gallery in Portland, Maine on March 28, followed by the Jamestown Arts Center, April 30-May 1, 2020. 

Submitted By: ali kenner brodsky | ali kenner brodsky & co | Dartmouth, MA

More Forever

Artist: Caleb Teicher and Company with Conrad Tao

Portland Ovations seeks partners to present Caleb Teicher & Company's collaboration with pianist Conrad Tao: More Forever, a stunning, evening-length work blurring the lines between movement and music. Set to Tao's new contemporary score for piano and electronics, dancers explore the unique sonic potential of sand-dancing, using American dance traditions such as Tap, Vernacular Jazz, and Lindy Hop. From duo to full company, the work is scalable to different venue sizes. Dance and music workshops are available. 

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME

Moving and Passing

Artist: Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Portland Ovations seeks partners in June 2021 for Marc Bamuthi Joseph's Moving and Passing, a community residency that examines the cultural complexities of soccer, including ways in which the global sport may be used to connect young people with the arts, and highlight issues facing immigrant communities. Combining skills and drills with live music, food, DJs, art-making experiences, and local performances, Moving and Passing reveals the connections between the arts and sport as movements for freedom and change.   

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME


Artist: Nobuntu

This female a cappella quintet from Zimbabwe has drawn international acclaim for inventive performances that range from traditional Zimbabwean songs to Afro Jazz to Gospel. The ensemble's concerts are performed with pure voices, augmented by minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments such as the Mbira (thumb piano), and organic, authentic dance movements. They believe that music can be an important vehicle for change, transcending racial, tribal, religious, gender, and economic boundaries. 

Submitted By: Liza Sacheli and Allison Coyne Carroll | Mahaney Arts Center and the Middlebury Performing Arts Series at Middlebury College | Middlebury, VT

Ocean Filibuster

Artist: PearlDamour

Ocean Filibuster turns the theater into a future Global Senate Chamber, and uses text, music, and large-scale video projection to put audiences in the middle of an epic Human vs. Ocean showdown. This work was commissioned by the ART and the Harvard Center for the Environment. ART Premiere in October 2020, in affiliation with Arts Emerson. The work is a solo-driven performance, tours with two actors, and adds a local chorus of five or more. PearlDamour are New England-based artists.

Submitted By: Mark Lunsford | American Repertory Theater | Cambridge, MA

An Ode to Hayes

Artist: Castle of Our Skins

An Ode to Hayes is musical tribute to legendary African American lyric tenor Roland Hayes, who broke racial barriers in Boston, throughout the U.S., and abroad. Hayes's life and legacy come alive through spirituals, art songs, and spoken word, woven seamlessly together in this 30-minute presentation. This performance involves a pianist, tenor, and spoken word artist, and can be followed by an artist Q&A.

Submitted By: Ashleigh Gordon | Castle of Our Skins | Dorchester, MA


Artist: Barbie Diewald Choreography

Pare is a 40 minute dance work for five dancers and one musician that premiered in September 2019, and is prepared to tour. Pare is a deliberate unraveling drawing from two primary sources: Diewald's personal loss of her childhood home in a fire and the #metoo movement as a crisis point. Pare foregrounds intimate physical contact as a means both of reshaping trauma and imagining alternatives to hierarchical relationships.   

Submitted By: Barbie Diewald | Barbie Diewald Choreography | Northampton, MA


Artist: Leonardo Sandoval

Partido is a vibrant, high-energy soundscape for seven musician-dancers, accompanied by a live, three-piece jazz band. Partido explores similarities and contrasts that exist between African-American and Afro-Brazilian culture - born of African heritage and continuities, and legacies of slavery, resistance, and encounters between African descendants and non-Africans. The piece needs a minimum of 18' x 24' tap flooring and takes two to three days to mount and produce. The company travels out of NYC with 10-11 people.   

Submitted By: David R. White | The Yard | Chilmark, MA

Presenting Circus in New England

Artist: Presenting Circus

Stemming from a history of bringing communities together, circus has evolved into a multi-disciplinary art form that takes what was once considered just spectacle and incorporates a range of live music, dance, and theatre elements. Whether you're looking locally or globally, the range of circus now makes it possible for presenters of all sizes and space configurations to be able to affordably present high-quality circus arts, and to encourage educational programs that engage with our communities.  

Submitted By: Lori N. Jones | Quick Center for the Arts at Fairfield University | Fairfield, CT


Artist: Loom Ensemble

Prime is dance-theater in the truest sense. Character and dialogue grounds the dance in an easily relatable story, while acrobatic choreography deepens emotional resonance of the plot. A show about long term partnership, at the breakfast table each morning, learning to love each other better. Since 2014, Prime has toured Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Dubai, NYC, Colorado, and Oberlin, Ohio, proving this nuanced contemporary performance widely accessible even to more traditional audiences.  

Submitted By: Neva Cockrell | Loom Ensemble | Springfield, VT

Project 2020: A Vision of 21st Century Women Composers Through Song

Artist: Jennifer Sgroe and Eric Sedgwick

A recital series of songs by 21st century women composers, representing contemporary viewpoints on modern life, music, creativity, justice, relationships, life cycles, community, and spirituality. Project 2020 will feature 20 composers over two seasons in two unique recital programs (10 composers each), with works written within the past 20 years, and commissions of new work. A partner masterclass/workshop series on gender parity in classical music and making a place for women composers is also available.  

Submitted By: Jennifer Sgroe | Salem, MA

Puppets for Education and Therapy

Artist: Marc Kohler

In 1977, I received a patent for a puppet that I invented. The Puppet Workshop helped adults and children to make over 25,000 of these puppets. They were used in schools, special needs schools and agencies with children and adults, adult arts committees, and many more settings. My system can be used with any kind of puppet, not necessarily the one I invented; my project is really about my method. 

Submitted By: Mark Kohler | Pawtucket, RI

Browse Projects by Title: Q-Z

Queer Indigenous Art Festival

Artist: Anthony Hudson, George Roo DeLesslin, Storme Webber, Kenny Ray Ramos, and J. Miko Thomas

The Hopkins Center is hosting a festival of national Indigenous queer artists that will take place over the course of seven days. The artists will provide unique queer and indigenous stories through theater, music, and dance. The festival will culminate in a showcase welcoming the local queer community.

Submitted By: Karen Henderson | Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH

Rock the Boat

Artist: Sandglass Theater

Rock the Boat, Sandglass Theater's new work, aims to get young audiences thinking about relocation and displacement by addressing attitudes about acceptance of those who come from other countries and cultures. The production provides a narrative in which there is room for everyone in an inclusive society. Rock the Boat is being developed by a multi-ethnic ensemble creative team, including slam-poet D. Colin, composer Julian Gerstin, and students from two elementary schools in Southern Vermont. 

Submitted By: Eric Bass | Sandglass Theater | Putney, VT


Artist: Dream Tale Puppets

In Rumpelstiltskin, a lively take on the classic tale of gold and guessing games, a girl must spin straw into gold or lose her life. She is saved by a mysterious gnome, but his aid has its price. She must guess his name or give away her baby. This 40-minute show features five skillfully crafted table-top puppets. The puppeteers include Jacek Zuzanski and Norina Reif, or Margaret Moody; each will perform a number of roles as they bring this classic tale to life.

Submitted By: Jacek Zuzanski | Dream Tale Puppets | Cotuit, MA


Artist: Alexander Davis Dance (ADD)

safe_space is a live performance, community sourced, electronically manipulated series of fiber sculpture installations that function as movement environments for human bodies. The hand knitted sculptures create images and performative moments that queer the space between the body's pedestrian form and abstract shape. This unique fiber environment, and electronic web based interactive components, allows the audience to question conceptually and physically homogenized spaces.

Submitted By: Alexander Davis | Alexander Davis Dance (ADD) | Boston, MA

Sammy and Le Grande Buffet

Artist: Piti Theatre Company

"A charming children's show about an American clown in Paris.... Taking its name from an Indian word for 'joy,' the Swiss-American Piti Theatre Company's aim is simple: to delight audiences and artists alike [...] Piti lives up to this mission as its clownish protagonist conquers clumsiness and language barriers to make us smile [...] Sammy thrives on audience interaction [...] it's refreshing to have a space where youthful silliness and self-expression can run free." (Theatre is Easy) 

Submitted By: Jonathan Mirin | Piti Theatre Company | Shellburne Falls, MA

A Singular They

Artist: Toby MacNutt

A Singular They is an evening-length ground and aerial solo show in development to premiere in the 2020-21 season. In this work, I am calling on all of my body's ways of being, as a queer, nonbinary, variably disabled person. Solos use different apparatuses to engage different elements of identity and embodiment, including an outsider's approach to masculinity; the way time changes with pain; and what it's like to find freedom. Five collaborating choreographers help draw out elements of my experience.

Submitted By: Toby MacNutt | Burlington, VT

Siva kissed Visnu

Artist: Hari Krishnan/Indance

A Bharatanatyam-inspired contemporary queer duet which expands on the so called 'classical' trajectory of Bharatanatyam's heteronormative mythological themes of love and desire, and pushes these popular narratives into the terrain of queer/same-sex relationships. It responds to the recent abolition of the anti-gay law, Section 377, in India. 60 min work; two dancers; best for proscenium as it includes lighting/multimedia design. 

Submitted By: Fiona Coffey | Wesleyan University Center for the Arts | Middletown, CT


Artist: Ripe Time

SLEEP is an immersive theatre work based on the short story by internationally acclaimed author Haruki Murakami. A young Japanese housewife suffers a terrifying dream, and then suddenly stops sleeping, entering a new, nightmarish, and beautiful sleep-deprived world. Seeking partners for Japan Foundation Touring Grant and a NEFA NEST 3 grant, building on interest from ArtsEmerson and Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts, among others. Presented at BAM, Annenberg, and Yale No Boundaries.

Submitted By: Ronee Penoi | Octopus Theatricals | Princeton, NJ

Small Island Big Song

Artist: Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song is a multi-platform project featuring over one hundred musicians across 16 island nations of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, creating a contemporary and relevant musical statement of a region on the front line of cultural and environmental challenges. An album was composed (fair-trade music release), recorded, and overdubbed in nature, on the artists' custodial land, with 50% of net profits going back to the artists and to NGOs.

Submitted By: Ty Furman | Boston University Arts Initiative | Boston, MA

Sphinx Virtuosi

Artist: Sphinx Virtuosi

Sphinx Virtuosi, the exhilarating self-directed chamber orchestra dedicated to increasing racial and ethnic diversity in classical music, is made up of 18 of the top Black and Latinx classical soloists, whom are primarily alumni of the Sphinx Competition. In addition to works by Gershwin, Joplin, and Copland, their touring program includes the female composer Jesse Montgomery. They utilize multiple outreach opportunities, including music appreciation lec/dems in schools, to put a new face on classical music and masterclasses.

Submitted By: Aimee Petrin | Portland Ovations | Portland, ME

A Story Beyond

Artist: Liars & Believers

A young heroine struggles to save her village from a looming dark Cloud. The stories we tell create the reality we live, in an original fable told with music, masks, and puppetry. Inspired by folklore from around the world, A Story Beyond is a new fable for our time. Change your story; change your world. Appropriate for the whole family, and fully accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Available to tour starting in Fall 2020. 

Submitted By: Jason Slavick | Liars & Believers | Cambridge, MA


Artist: Double Edge Theatre

SUGA is conceived, and performed, by Travis Coe, and directed by Stacy Klein. It is an investigation of freedom, and the personal, artistic, societal, and political bonds one must break through to achieve that end. As a caretaker of a museum of memory, Coe touches, reveals, and remixes all the aspects of himself as Queer, Afro- Caribbean/Latinx, and American, to find the path to sing, fly, run - toward Freedom.

Submitted By: Adam Bright | Double Edge Theater | Ashfield, MA

Sunjata Kamalemya: The Story of the True Lion King of Africa

Artist: EXPERIENtial theater company

Sunjata Kamalenya is an interactive production with live music, celebrating Sunjata Keita, the first King of the Empire of Mali. It chronicles the story of a a crippled boy and his outcast mother who overcome all odds to deliver their nation from a despotic sorcerer warlord. Authentic music, costumes, and set invite you to a modern Mandé village where the Djelimuso (storyteller) guides your journey as you sing, dance, and act alongside professional actors and musicians in a unique experience.

Submitted By: Balla Kouyaté | EXPERIENtial theater company | Medford, MA

Theatre for One: Democracy

Artist: Theatre for One

Theatre for One is a mobile, state-of-the-art performance space for one actor and one audience member. Conceived by Artistic Director Christine Jones, and designed by LOT-EK architects, Theatre for One commissions new work created specifically for this venue's one-to-one relationship. In 2020, Theatre for One: Democracy will tour the US with new content created to resonate with the upcoming election. Past writers have included Lynn Nottage, John Guare, Susan Lori-Parks, and many more.

Submitted By: Ronee Penoi | Octopus Theatricals | Princeton, NJ

The Ritual of Breath is the Rite to Resist

Artist: Jonathan Berger, Enrico Riley, and Vievee Francis

The Ritual of Breath Is the Rite to Resist is a collaboration between librettist Vievee Francis, visual artist Enrico Riley, and composer Jonathan Berger. It will be an evening-length (c. 70-minute) opera-theatre work for soprano, saxophone, ensemble, and community chorus, accompanied by Riley's hauntingly powerful images. The Ritual of Breath responds to the murder of Eric Garner, and confronts wanton lynching and killing of people of color. 

Submitted By: Karen Henderson | Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH

To Bee or Not to Bee / Bee Weeks

Artist: Piti Theatre Company

"In To Bee or Not to Bee, the cast engages the audience throughout, handing out protest signs, running between the aisles, enlisting kids to help re-plant the farm on stage, and getting the crowd to shout, buzz and sing along." (Winnipeg Free Press) ". . . guileless storytelling and sweet slapstick to charm an audience of any age." (Boston Arts Review) "Both times, we found Piti's work to be outstanding . .. ." (Mahoosuc Arts Council) To Bee or Not to Bee can also be leveraged to create a Bee Week in your community.

Submitted By: Jonathan Mirin | Piti Theatre Company | Shellburne Falls, MA


Artist: Jean Appolon Expressions

Through a comprehensive community-based process, Jean Appolon Expressions is involving Boston-based immigrants in the creation of Traka, a full dance production. Traka ('Troubles' in Haitian Kreyol) explores how dance, culture, and community are pathways to healing for trauma survivors. Traka seeks to open a dialog around the difficult subject of trauma and recovery. In 2020, JAE will bring Traka to the Boston area, performing for the community that inspired the work, and prepare for a US tour beginning 2021.

Submitted By: Meghan McGrath and Jean Appolon | Jean Appolon Expressions | Cambridge, MA

Trans-Scripts, Part I: The Women

Artist: The Colonial Theatre

Based on over seventy interviews conducted around the world by playwright Paul Lucas, Trans-Scripts, Part 1: The Women is a compelling exploration of the lives of trans women, as told in their own words. These unique and poignant stories are honest, funny, moving, insightful, and inspiring, but most of all they are human, shedding light not on our differences but on what we all, as humans, share. Community/School outreach will be available.

Submitted By: Vicky Pittman and Charlene Kennedy | The Colonial Theatre | Keene, NH


Artist: Peter Kyle, Caleb Nussear, and Diego Vásquez

Travelers is a 45-minute multi-media installation combining Nussear's sculptures and slide collages; Kyle's highly adaptive movement; and music by Stockhausen, with electronics and live basset-horn by Vásquez. Change is constant in this ever-shifting environment. Designed for in-the-round venues, the work invites people to move through space as the spectacle unfolds. Fellow-travelers participate in a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, finding newness and power in motion, image, sound, and form.

Submitted By: Diego Vásquez | Peter Kyle Dance | Hartford, CT


Artist: Judy Dworin Performance Project

Originally conceived as a site-specific work for Hartford Public Library, (US) has been adapted for the stage and is now launching a November 2020 tour. (US) uses dance, images, and sound to tell the story of coming to America. The show explores how immigration, diversity, and identity can either unite or divide us.

Submitted By: Robyn Genzano | Judy Dworin Performance Project | Hartford, CT

What the Jellyfish Knows

Artist: Loom Ensemble

What The Jellyfish Knows invokes the awe-striking beauty of our planet's waters, with the scientific content of a nature documentary, virtuosic musical complexity, and plenty of silliness. Raphael Sacks offers this love song for our planet's waters, with a heart full of wonderment for all her power, and a belly full of urgency to protect her ecosystems. Inspired by the "Deep Sea" episode of David Attenborough's BBC Planet Earth, and its classic orchestral score by George Fenton.

Submitted By: Raphael Sacks | Loom Ensemble | Springfield, VT

Yellow Bird Chase

Artist: Liars & Believers

A clownish maintenance crew finds a magical yellow bird, and the mad chase begins--racing over land, across the sea, and through the air, "battling pirates, and monsters," and never leaving the maintenance closet!  Take a leap into the imagination, and join Liars & Believers on an adventure of masks, puppets, and gibberish. Appropriate for the whole family, and fully accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Presented with puppetry workshops.

Submitted By: Jason Slavick | Liars & Believers | Cambridge, MA