Quita smiles with her arms crossed over her lap.

Quita Sullivan, JD

Senior Program Director, Theater


Quita Sullivan (Montaukett/Shinnecock) is Senior Program Director for Theater where she directs the National Theater Project. She holds Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Theatre from Knox College and SUNY Stony Brook, respectively, as well as a Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University Law School. Before law school, she worked as a Stage Manager at ETA in Chicago and was the first stage manager for ETA’s production of Checkmates by Ron Milner, directed by Woodie King, Jr. She later worked at Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates, a not-for-profit artist management office, creating contracts and managing booking and performing fees for musicians in the Great Lakes area. After law school, she practiced Environmental Justice law for 10 years in Detroit and Boston. She is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program, and an alumna of the artEquity Facilitator Training. She is also a former Associated Grant Makers Diversity Fellow, the mission of which was to identify, recruit and cultivate emerging practitioners of color who represent the next generation of philanthropic leaders and offer them training, support and strong community. She continues to work to support equity at all levels of theater and grant making. She is a Board Member of Grantmakers in the Arts, a Steering Committee member of Western Arts Alliance’s Advancing Indigenous Performance program, and a frequent speaker on supporting Indigenous Artists and Racial Equity. Prior to joining NEFA as a staff member, Quita was an Advisor for NEFA’s Native Arts Program. Outside of work, she continues to develop her own artistic talents as a beadwork artist. She is part of a group of community language researchers working to restore Long Island Algonquin to spoken language status, as well as a learner of her language. Quita has achieved the rank of Shodan (first degree) in Ueichi Ryu karate.

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