Preview Public Art for Spatial Justice Grantee Report Questions

In addition to the grantee report question below, grantees are required to also provide an update on the project budget/expenses. To view the full grantee report, grantees may log back into the NEFA grant portal. Grantee reports should be accessible from the dashboard shortly after receiving the award. 

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  1. Please tell us how your project turned out. From your perspective, how did your project foster a greater sense of spatial justice? (4000 characters) 
  2. Did your project happen as you intended? What changed? From your perspective, what was most successful about this project? (3000 characters) 
  3. How was your project received by the public? Please share any examples of how this project honored the integrity of the people, places, stories, and/or ideas – past, present, and future – that were engaged in the artmaking. (2000 characters) 
  4. How has this project impacted your own public art practice, and or how you think about public art and spatial justice? What is one experience or learning that you don’t want to forget from this project?  (2000 characters) 
  5. Optional: If there were multiple lead collaborators on this project, what did you learn from working together? What worked well? What could’ve been better?  (2,000 character limit) 
  6. Optional: In an effort to improve the administration of this grant and our service to you, we encourage your comments and suggestions regarding NEFA and our grant process. (5000 characters) 

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