I often receive inquiries about NEFA’s Native Arts program and thought it may be helpful for me to share my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I hope this is useful to some of you! And as always, contact me if you ever have any other questions about applying to our Native Arts program: dspears@nefa.org or 617.951.0010 x525.

  1. I am a first-time applicant and have reviewed all of the information on your website.  Do I need to take any steps before submitting an application?
    Yes! We are glad you reviewed our website, and, especially as a first-time applicant, we highly recommend speaking to the Program Coordinator before applying. Staff are available to discuss project ideas and to confirm you have all of the pieces needed to submit a complete application package.
  2. I am interested in applying for a language project.  Is this allowed?
    The language project must include an art component.
  3. I am really confused about the application. Do you hold workshops for new applicants?
    Yes! We hold workshops in a variety of regions prior to a grant deadline. You may also contact me in order to set up an informational session in your area (must have at least five attendees). A third option is to contact me to discuss your project idea over the phone.
  4. Is the grant application the only thing needed to apply?
    The application must be submitted along with a list of supplemental items to aid our panelists in understanding your work as an artist. Click here to choose the Native Arts Grant to which you're applying to find details on what to submit for that particular grant.
  5. I am not from New England, can I apply?
    You may apply for a National Native Artist Exchange Grant. Native Arts New England Grants are specifically for New England residents.
  6. I live in New England but I am not from a New England associated tribe.  Can I still apply to the Native Arts at NEFA grant program?
    Yes, as long as you are a permanent resident of New England.
  7. I’m ready to apply.How do I submit an application?
    There are two choices: 
    a) apply via NEFA’s online granting system
    b) complete, print, and mail a paper application
    Click here to choose the Native Arts Grant to which you're applying to find details on the different ways to submit your application.
  8. Who reviews my application?
    We coordinate an anonymous, primarily Native American panel of artists and arts professionals who are familiar with the variety of Native art mediums that are represented in the application round.
  9. I understand Native artists can apply, but what about Native organizations?
    Native organizations can apply as well, but must provide tribal documentation of staff and board.
  10. Is the due date a “received by” date or “postmark” date?
    The due date is a postmark date.
  11. When do I hear about the results?
    A panel meets to discuss the applications 30 to 45 days after the deadline. The results are then processed and shared with applicants about a week after the panel. Although we try to stick to this timeline, it is best to call to find out specific dates.
  12. I was previously awarded and still in the process of completing that project. Can I apply for a grant in the next round?
    You must complete your original grant before applying again. Please complete a final report form and return to us.
  13. What happens if I can’t finish my project?
    You must return the grant funds you did not use.
  14. I worked out a budget, but even your maximum grant award will not cover my expenses. What is the point in applying?
    We realize that our grant award may not completely cover your project expenses. We encourage our artists to try to find other means of funding in order to help them complete their project. Contact NEFA's Native Arts staff to discuss alternatives, such as simplifying your project or splitting your project into two stages.