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Technology & Data Director

NEFA’s tech team is finalizing the implementation of a new grant application and reporting portal. NEFA will be retiring the old portal on October 31, 2020, as we fully transition to the new portal, which was first launched in 2019.

We are reaching out to all grantees directly to ensure a smooth transition, including providing instructions on how to continue to access records in the old system.

All grantees were sent an email from our tech staff on October 16 with detailed instructions on how to create an account in the new portal as well as access any documents from the old portal.

  • If you are a current grantee who applied using the old portal and have reports to be completed in the new portal: NEFA’s tech team has created new portal accounts, or linked applications from the old portal to your already existing new portal accounts, so you will be able to complete reports in the new portal.
  • If you are a previous grantee or applicant with no outstanding reports, but want to maintain access to documents submitted in the old portal: you will need to create an account in the new portal; over the next few weeks, NEFA’s tech team will be providing access to old applications and reports in the new portal for all those who have new portal accounts. However, if you have not created a new portal account, we can’t provide access to your historical applications until you do.  

If you have questions, contact your program staff or our tech team.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new system.