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Would you like to help NEFA produce the next CCX and bring 250 New England leaders to your community for peer learning and networking? Apply to be the Local Host for CCX 2019 in Vermont!

It’s time to start planning the next iteration of NEFA's biennial regional creative economy convening, the Creative Communities Exchange! Prior events have traveled around the region to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut; now we look forward to being in Vermont, May/June 2019. 
Any groups or organizations interested in hosting CCX 2019 should preview the CCX Local Host/Location Criteria and the Local Host Responsibilities below, and submit this questionnaire by May 25
Curious what it's like to be a local host? Watch and listen to Wendy Bury of the Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition on their experience as the 2017 local host!




  1. Visible demonstration of creative economy investment and engagement of the local creative sector in community planning, revitalization, and growth (a.k.a. creative placemaking)
  2. Appropriate local creative economy leader willing to be local host (see below)
  3. An environment where equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are prioritized
  4. Ease of travel to location for participants from across New England
  5. Location with potential to learn about a setting different from prior CCX events
  6. Availability of reasonable housing (75-90 rooms), parking (250), and meal options (250)
  7. Availability of existing local events/optional creative activity for event participants
  8. Appropriate space(s) for workshops and full group sessions that are:
    1. Within 8-minute walking distance from each other
    2. Accessible to people using wheelchairs or assistive devices
    3. Capacity: seated lunch for 250; four workshop spaces, capacity of  50-75 each; full participant sessions require a stage with seating for 250
    4. Registration/event hub throughout the event
    5. Tech: projectors and screens/walls

Local Host Organization or Point Person

  1. Strong connection to creative sector of locale
  2. Understanding of event purpose and New England regional reach (desire to learn from other states)
  3. Connections to local venues and other support (printing, supply rentals, press, catering, government, VIPs)
  4. Connections to diverse communities and populations (e.g. non-arts, demographic, geographic) in alignment with NEFA’s prioritization of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (See page 8 NEFA Strategic Plan 2018-2021)
  5. Ability to generate the support they need and manage those people independently
  6. Capacity to independently assemble local event committee and event volunteers
  7. Capacity to meet other local host responsibilities (see separate document)
  8. Capacity to prioritize CCX goals and local needs within their organizational constituent expectations and board politics



The CCX is an event in which community leaders share practical information about implementing creative economy projects and learn about actionable tools that can be executed to strengthen their own communities. This is a peer exchange to share successes, challenges, and lessons learned from New England arts-based community development projects – an event that is by and for its participants.

This list of roles and responsibilities is not comprehensive, and may be added to and amended by joint agreement of NEFA and the local host. CCX is a collaborative effort between NEFA and the local host and while NEFA brings the infrastructure and experience of producing prior events, each iteration reflects the location and the efforts of the planning team. The local host and NEFA maintain frequent communication, and all responsibilities are discussed to attain mutual agreement and accountability for the completion of event planning and tasks within budget and established deadlines.

NEFA will lead the event planning process, and will provide the local host with a timeline, list of typical tasks, and guidelines for organizing local resources and logistics. NEFA will manage all event registration, contracts, fundraising, workshops, marketing, logistics, staffing, and evaluation, but the input of the local host is welcome on all of the above.

The local host serves as the expert on the local community assets and a crucial liaison for NEFA to the local resources. The local host receives credit on all CCX promotional materials, and the opportunity to build local relationships, partner with NEFA on funding proposals, and gain exposure and economic impact for themselves and their community by bringing 250 leaders from across New England.

In Phase I of planning, the focus is on establishing resources and event structure. The local host will be asked to:

  • Designate a single point person to communicate with NEFA and be accountable for completion of the local host responsibilities
  • Determine a meeting schedule with NEFA to complete the tasks and communicate about the event
  • Identify local vendors for catering, supplies, printing, etc.
  • Identify appropriate event spaces
  • Identify appropriate lodging options
  • Suggest discounts or in-kind donations from vendors
  • Organize site visits to introduce NEFA to local vendors
  • Form and manage a local host committee if needed

During Phase II of planning, the focus is on fundraising and clarifying event content and logistics. The local host will be asked to:

  • Suggest potential local cash and in-kind event sponsors; coordinate with NEFA on the implementation of fundraising strategies
  • Plan and promote optional local events for CCX participants
  • Connect NEFA to additional local vendors and resources as needed, based on event format
  • Serve on the CCX Advisory Committee, which is a New England-wide group that reviews the CCX workshop applications and makes event recommendations
  • Publicize the event with their constituents through newsletters, list serves, social media, etc.

In the final Phase III of planning, the local host helps with final decisions and implementation:

  • Participate in final site visits to confirm event setup
  • Recruit and train volunteers to staff the event, including a local info table
  • Manage local press outreach
  • Manage local optional events for CCX participants
  • Manage registration and participation of local VIPs
Please contact me with any questions about CCX 2019.