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Minneapolis, MN

Project Title
Let the Crows Come
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Evoking mythography and ancestry, Bharatanatyam dancer/choreographer Ashwini Ramaswamy’s “Let the Crows Come” depicts crows as messengers for the living and guides for the departed—and in the process explores how memory and homeland channel guidance and dislocation. In a series of three dance solos from Ramaswamy, Alanna Morris-Van Tassel (Contemporary/Afro-Caribbean), and Berit Ahlgren (Gaga), Bharatanatyam is deconstructed and recontextualized to evoke a memory that has a shared origin but is remembered differently from person to person. Composers Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) and Brent Arnold (cello, electronics) extrapolate from Prema Ramamurthy’s classical Carnatic score, utilizing centuries-old compositional structures as the point of departure for their sonic explorations.

Estimated artist fee: $16,000/performance; $28,000/week

Tour Coordinator

Laura Colby |
Elsie Management
tel 718-797-4577

Presenter Partners

  • Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, OH)
  • Duke Performances (Durham, NC)
  • Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music Series (St. Paul, MN)
  • The Yard (Chilmark, MA)

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