Through the New England Dance Fund, NEFA will award grants of $500 to $1,000 directly to choreographers who identify and articulate an important activity or opportunity that will significantly impact aspects of their dancemaking.

Funding Priorities

The New England Dance Fund gives priority to timely opportunities with the goal of supporting a diverse group of artists from a range of cultures, disciplines, aesthetics, and career stages throughout all six New England states.


To be eligible for the New England Dance Fund, choreographers must

  • Have a CreativeGround profile with DANCE as the primary discipline.
  • Reside full-time and create in one of the six New England states.
  • Fulfill the Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients (see below), if awarded.
  • Be applying for an opportunity that will take place between November 1, 2022 and October 31, 2023.

Eligible opportunities may include, but are not limited to: residencies; research trips; conferences; workshops or other trainings that build creative or administrative skills; tour planning; publication expenses; fees associated with music/musicians; process documentation or archival projects; videography/er or photo shoots/documentation and editing; artist fees needed to prepare the work for a presentation opportunity; hiring a consultant; mentorship.

New England Dance Fund grants may be paid directly to individuals, 501c3 organizations, or to fiscal sponsors. New England Dance Fund grants are taxable income to the recipients and reportable to the IRS.  Grantees, including individuals, will receive a 1099 from NEFA if total payments exceed $600 within a calendar year.

Applicants who are NOT eligible to apply are:

  • Choreographers who received support through the New England Dance Fund during the September 2021 deadline round; current grantees must complete their funded activity and take one deadline off before regaining eligibility.
  • Artists with an overdue grantee report to NEFA; to regain eligibility for this grant cycle, outstanding grantee reports must be submitted online to NEFA by September 1, 2022 .

The New England Dance Fund does not support

  • Ongoing operations or activity
  • School, studio, or youth programs


Process & Deadlines

The next deadline will be September 23, 2022.

Applicants will be notified by mid-November 2022.

Grant funds will be paid in full within six weeks of the award notification.

Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients


A complete grantee report is due 40 days after project completion.

Grantees who do not submit a complete grantee report on time will not be eligible to apply to any NEFA programs until the grantee report is submitted and approved.


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Watch, listen, or read the transcript of the New England Dance Fund webinar


The New England Dance Fund is generously supported by The Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation