On an outdoor stage, three men play brass instruments.
Designed for emerging and mid-career artists around the entire country, Jazz Road Tours supports small, three- to six-site tours at an array of venue types, often in rural communities and other areas traditionally underserved by the genre.
Rolling Deadline
A standing dancer pushes a dancer on wheels by his feet.
Presentation Grants are made to eligible organizations to support up to 50% of the artist fee and travel expenses per engagement of NDP awarded projects on tour.
By invitation only
On a street, a dancer, in traditional Indigenous performance garb, jumps.
NDP Production Grants fund the creation and U.S. touring of new dance works. Grants are highly competitive and are awarded to 20 projects annually.
Preliminary deadline: March 1, 2022
Four dancers, wearing gray, leap up, forward, or along the floor in front of a white backdrop.
National Dance Project Travel Fund provides monetary assistance for U.S. based presenters, curatorial staff, and residency directors or for current NDP artist grantees to connect in person to explore feasibility of presenting NDP-funded works.
Rolling Deadline
In front of a dancer and in pink light, a Black woman reads from a book.
Provides funds for creation and U.S. touring of artist-led, ensemble, devised projects. These grants are highly competitive and are awarded to ten projects annually.
Preliminary deadline: February 28, 2022
In front of a black curtain, four folks in different colored satin sashes pose. Two pose with their drum or drumsticks.
Presentation Grants are made to invited U.S. presenters and support up to 50% of the artistic fee for NTP projects.
By Invitation Only: Rolling Deadline
In casual attire, five folks pose in front of a water tower.
Grants provide monetary assistance for travel to promote the touring of NTP funded projects.
Rolling Deadline
A window mural of Black folks thriving: riding bikes, running through the streets, wearing a crown.
Annually honors two Massachusetts leaders in Public Art.
February 28, 2022