National Theater Project Presentation Grant

Presentation Grants are made to invited U.S. presenters and support up to 50% of the artistic fee for NTP projects.

National Theater Project-supported Honolulu Theatre for Youth | photo by Brad Goda

Presentation Grants are tied to NTP Creation & Touring Grants projects. Presentation Grants are made to invited U.S. presenters and support up to 50% of the artistic fee (including travel expenses) for NTP projects.

About the National Theater Project Grant Program

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  • U.S. organizations with nonprofit status who have been invited by the project's tour coordinator may apply.
  • There is no limit to the number of NTP Touring Grants a presenter or nonprofit organization may receive, but a separate application must be submitted for each project.
  • Engagements must include at least one public performance.
  • Applicant must be able to fulfill the Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients if awarded.

Process & Deadline


  • Performing arts presenters and other nonprofit organizations interested in presenting a NTP project should first contact the project's tour coordinator. Current NTP projects and tour coordinators are listed in the National Theater Project Directory.
  • Tour coordinators negotiate directly with presenters who will be part of the NTP tour and determine the amount of subsidy each presenter will receive.
  • Tour coordinators submit a tour plan to NEFA. Tour plans should confirm the presenters on the NTP tour, the artist fee (including housing, per diem, and travel), and the amount and percentage of tour subsidy for each organization, not to exceed 50% of the artist fee.
  • NEFA reviews eligibility and invites presenters included on the submitted tour plans to apply for an NTP Presentation Grant for the specific amount allocated by the project’s tour coordinator.
  • Presenters submit the online application for a Presentation Grant by the given deadline (approximately 60 days after they receive the invitation to apply).
  • Presentation Grant notifications and grant award agreements will be made approximately six to eight weeks following each Presentation Grant submission.
  • Presenters receive the grant as reimbursement after the engagement takes place and upon submission and approval of final report.


Rolling deadline: NTP Presentation Grants are awarded on a rolling basis as negotiated between artist and presenter. Tour plans are submitted to NEFA by the project’s tour coordinator on a rolling basis. Once a plan update has been submitted, NEFA will send the invitation to apply.

Application Instructions

Contact the tour coordinator listed in the National Theater Project directory. Organizations included in the NTP project's tour plan will be invited to apply for a Presentation Grant.

All organizations are required to provide an IRS W-9 Form (see for current version) and a DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) Number in the application.

Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients 

NEFA must be notified of any changes in fee paid to the artist(s) as far in advance of the event as possible. Your grant award is calculated as a percentage of that artistic fee. It should not be considered a one-to-one "matching grant." The amount listed on the contract and in the evaluation MUST be the total artistic fee as it appears on your Application form. If the fee is reduced, you must provide an explanation in writing. Reduction in the artist(s) fee may result in the reduction or cancellation of your grant award. Artistic fees do not include in-kind contributions.

In order for a grant recipient to receive the grant award, the following items must be provided within one month after the funded event (All supplemental materials should be uploaded on the attachments tab of the online grantee report):

  1. Evaluation form for each grant, which includes several narrative questions and a final budget associated with the presentation. Do not combine figures for more than one grant on a single form. For series/festivals or collaborations, approximate proportions of audience figures, expenses, etc. for each event for which NEFA funding directly applies. 
  2. Copies of contract or letter of agreement (signed and dated with printed name and title) between your organization and the artist(s) being presented. The contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the artist(s) and by an authorized representative of your organization, and must include the dollar amount of the artistic fee, the amount agreed upon and terms for housing and transportation of the artist(s) while in your care, if not part of the artistic fee, and the dates of the residency, performance(s), workshop(s) and/or other related events.
  3. Copies of all program and publicity materials showing crediting of NEFA and additional sponsors. Flag or highlight the credit line on these materials, showing the required acknowledgment of the funding support as described in the grant award letter. (Visit for current crediting requirements.) Scan and attach all materials to NEFA. 
  4. (Strongly Encouraged) Images of the NTP-funded engagement.

Payments for the grant award will be made upon receipt of these materials by NEFA after the event. You must provide this material within one month of the event or risk forfeiture of the grant and all pending NEFA grants. If the performance date is changed or cancelled or if you anticipate a delay in forwarding completed report forms and materials, please contact Quita Sullivan ( or 617.951.0010 x531) or Meena Malik ( or 617.951.0010 x516).  

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