April 28, 2016, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

NEFA's  office, 145 Tremont St., Boston | Directions
FREE; refreshments provided

Guest Speakers
Karin Goodfellow, Director of the Boston Art Commission
Jim Grace, Executive Director of the Arts and Business Council
Lillian Hsu, Director of Public Art at the Cambridge Arts Council

Got a great idea for public art, and need some help navigating the process and figuring out where to start? Lillian Hsu and Karin Goodfellow will walk us through Cambridge and Boston’s processes for implementing public art in their respective cities. Jim Grace will highlight some good business practices and frequently asked questions (and some questions that aren’t asked enough!) of artists as they navigate these processes in any city or town.

Come learn more about the Arts and Business Council’s resources for supporting public artists as well as Cambridge and Boston’s approaches to streamlining city processes to support public art.

Do you have a specific question that you are interested in having our guest speakers to address?  Please submit questions here, to help our speakers anticipate some of the questions you may bring to the discussion on April 28.


This PADS is brought to you by the Fund For the Arts and Creative City.

CONTACT: publicart@nefa.org | 617.951.0010

The event meeting space is accessible for individuals using wheelchairs. Please contact Daniela Jacobson (617.951.0010 x528) by April 7, 2016, if other accommodations are needed.

Images (L-R): Lillian Hsu, provided by the Lillian Hsu; Jim Grace, by Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano; and Karin Goodfellow, courtesy publicartboston.com