Public Art Discussion Series

Public Art Discussion Series 2015 workshop attendees | Photo: Jeffrey Filiault/NEFA

The Public Art Discussion Series is an opportunity to discuss critical topics in public art and network with artists and field experts. We encourage you to ask questions and share stories and experiences with your peers. The series is open to New England artists with all levels of public art experience. Sessions generally take place in Boston or other locations around New England.

Past Session Themes

  • The Business of Public Arts (April 2016)
  • Making Art Happen (November 2015)
  • Building for the Outdoors (April 2013)
  • Contracts Clinic with Jim Grace (March 2013)
  • The Business of being a Public Artist (February 2013)
  • Crowdfunding Public Art (October 2012)
  • What is Today's Public Art? (September 2012)
  • Public Art Panel at Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (May 2012)
  • Negotiations, Copyright, and Contracts with Jim Grace (March 2012)
  • Strategies for Community Engagement (January 2012)
  • Materials Mania (November 2011)
  • New Media & Emerging Technologies in Public Art (September 2011) in partnership with the Boston Center for the Arts
  • Making the Leap to Public Art (June 2011) in collaboration with the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
  • Navigating Legal Issues (June 2011) in collaboration with the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
  • RFQ: A Mock Panel Review (March 2011)
  • Participatory Public Art - What's your story? (January 2011)
  • From Inspiration to Fabrication (November 2010)
  • Public Art Commissions: The Finalist Round with Lynn Basa (September 2010)
  • Public Art Grants (January 2010)
  • Preparing Image Submissions (December 2009)
  • Temporary Public Art (October 2009)
  • Public Art Tools with Lynn Basa (September 2009)


Public art activities at NEFA are supported by the Fund for the Arts and Creative City, with support from the Barr Foundation.

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