Vijay Mathew

Vijay is a brown man. He is in studio lighting, a white space, and wears all black.

Vijay Mathew

National Theater Project Advisor
Cultural Strategist, Co-founder,
HowlRound Theatre Commons
Location: On the lands of the Wampanoag, Massachuset, Pawtucket, Naumkeag, and many other peoples. (Boston, MA)


Vijay (vih-jey) Mathew (he/him) is the Cultural Strategist and Co-Founder of HowlRound Theatre Commons founded in 2011 and based at Emerson College, Boston. He is also the Accessibility Producer of Black Heart, a BIPOC worker-owned cooperative agency specializing in digital communications for progressive organizations and collectives. He serves as a board member of Double Edge Theatre located in rural Ashfield, Massachusetts.

In the past decade, Vijay has helped facilitate the solidarity economy characteristics of HowlRound Theatre Commons’ current project design—all within a mainstream educational and arts institution. Through this work, he has contributed to building the organizational capacity for several hundred nonprofit organizations worldwide to livestream their conferences, panel discussions, and performances—with an emphasis on how organizations can prioritize accessibility, inclusion, and degrowth principles in digital work. When using internet technologies, he is passionate about the intersections of accessibility, inclusion, social change, and low-energy, regenerative futures. All of his work in these areas has been informed by solidarity economics and social-justice values.

Vijay has a MFA degree from New School University in Theatre and Directing and a BA in Media Studies from University of Chicago. In the accessibility field, he has earned the IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) credential (2023).

His artistic background is as an ensemble-based filmmaker and theatremaker.

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