Toby MacNutt*

A white person standing outside on the grass with trees in the background with sunlight coming through. They are smiling, and using crutches to stand and a brace around their ribs. Toby is wearing a green t-shirt and grey leggings.

Toby MacNutt*

Burlington, VT on Abenaki land


Toby MacNutt is a queer, nonbinary trans, disabled artist, author, and teacher living in Burlington, VT. They make dance work for ground, aerial, and mobility apparatus, including their solo show in progress, A Singular They. Past works have included multidisciplinary installation work Enter the Void (2018) and evening-length ensemble dance work One, Two (2014). They have also danced for Murmurations Dance/Nicole Dagesse (When Women Were Birds; Bone Hooks), Tiffany Rhynard's Big APE, Lida Winfield, and Heidi Latsky, and have studied with AXIS Dance, Candoco, and the New England Center for Circus Arts. Toby teaches an array of movement and other topics, focusing on group awareness, sensory exploration, adaptive thinking, and relationships and consent. Find more about their work at or say hello on instagram @tobymacnutt.

*New England Now Dance Platform Curated Artist

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