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In addition to the application question below, the Public Art for Spatial Justice application will require further applicant, project plan and budget details. To view the full application, log into our online grant portal.

  1. Please describe the project that you are proposing. Why are you interested in creating this project? And more specifically, why now? (3,600 character limit)

  2. Where are you planning to implement this project? Why there? How is this project honoring the integrity of the people, places, stories, and ideas – past, present, and future – that are engaged in the artmaking? (2,000 character limit)

  3. Tell us about the lead artist(s)/artistic collaboration. How are you (individually and/or collectively) uniquely poised to carry out this particular project? (2,000 character limit)

  4. Please outline the project work plan or timeline. (3,500 character limit)

  5. OPTIONAL: We acknowledge that the people reviewing your application are likely to have gaps in understanding or knowledge about the context for your work. Please share any other information you think would be important to fairly assess your application. NEW: In addition to your written response to this question, you may also choose to submit a short video (up to 3 minutes in total) responding this question below. (1,500 character limit)