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CreativeGround is brimming with compelling profiles for artists, creative businesses, and cultural nonprofits, and we are excited to announce our newest iteration of featured profiles. Now posted on the CreativeGround homepage and about page, this cohort features NEFA award winners, newcomers to the site, and longtime cultural partners. Read a brief blurb on these engaging profiles below, and click on the profile name or image to view the profiles to get the full experience!

Perhaps you’ll be even be inspired to build your own robust, feature-worthy profile…


Caryn B. Davis Photography (Connecticut)

Architectural photographer Caryn B. Davis takes stunning photos of interiors, exteriors, home décor, gardens and boats. Her CreativeGround profile highlights portfolio favorites, and longstanding working relationships with architects, interior designers, and shelter publications. Further, her gorgeous images show off classic New England style with world class flair. Caryn’s images link the region and the globe with wanderlust-inducing visions of places and people both near and far.


Simona Minns (Massachusetts)

Simona Minns is a Lithuanian born jazz vocalist, composer and artistic director. Her profile incorporates a variety of media to capture her style’s “unique theatrical flavor, genre-bending, and virtuosic vocal scat improvisation.” Simona has trained in Lithuania and at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Regularly performing and presenting in the US and Europe, she recently founded a contemporary performance company, Syntheater, which brings her compositions to life through modern dance. Learn more about Simona, Syntheater, and which uncommon classical instrument she plays by perusing her profile.


Opera House Arts (Maine)

Opera House Arts (OHA) presents the performing arts in its Stonington, ME, venue that aims to realize its mission: Incite Art, Create Community. Housed in a 100-year-old 250-seat theater, OHA works with high caliber professionals and community members to develop original work, and to create the space and support for fun and challenging artistic experiences.


Lon E Plynton (Rhode Island)

Lon E Plynton is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, producer, and educator. A member of RISCA's teaching artists Education Roster, he teaches music at School One in Providence and the Office of Community Youth and Learning in Cumberland. Mr. Plynton has been Music Directing and performing with Rites and Reason Theater at Brown University since 1990, and is known internationally for his work as bandleader of the Mystic Jammers. A professional bassist and guitarist, he performs with various ensembles throughout the New England area.


West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts  (New Hampshire)

West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts is a non-profit organization presenting performing arts and arts education across a variety of disciplines. WCCMA makes arts programming accessible to Claremont, NH, and the wider region by eliminating financial barriers to participation. Their CreativeGround profile highlights their frequent collaboration with other community groups as well as the variety of the acts they’ve presented. Additionally, their profile badges indicate them as a NEFA grant recipient and presenter at the biennial Creative Communities Exchange.


Jennifer McCandless (Vermont)

Jennifer McCandless’s sculptures are “figurative, narrative and often satirical and humorous.” Approaching her topics with dark playfulness, McCandless explores issues of being female, societal structures, generational conflict, interpersonal conflict, body image, motherhood, and aging. Her work has been exhibited around New England and across the U.S. McCandless uses CreativeGround to accentuate portfolio favorites, as well as to represent her artist statement and extensive career credentials, education, and fellowships.


Kahana Hula Luau Shows and Polynesian Cultural Arts (Connecticut)

Kahana Hula Luau Shows & Polynesian Cultural Arts features authentic and professionally trained South Pacific Polynesian dancers. Performing throughout New England, they have also been featured at top resorts shows and luau productions in Hawai'i, California, and Florida. From solo performances to full-production luau shows, they entertain audiences of all sizes and all ages with fun, interactive shows. View their profile to learn more about how they present and have presented respectful, engaging education on the history of hula, the language, customs, and traditions of the islands in New England.