Reflecting on the Seeds of CreativeGround, Year Six

"Molecules of Music_Data" by Ellen Hackl Fagan. ink, graphite, acrylic, nail polish, enamel, gouache on clay board

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Happy Sixth Birthday, CreativeGround!

Year six had the CreativeGround team dreaming big about what this community can achieve in the future, and you kept us grounded by demonstrating what a fertile creative community we currently have here in New England. Read on for some fun data points that the team has harvested from the that is CreativeGround in the last year – such strong roots for us all to deepen and grow together.

Four people stand in front of a table with CreativeGround materials, in a light airy space
NEFAns at the CreativeGround Mixer at the Sixth Annual CCX; Photo by Jeffrey Filiault

Connection Detection

Since CreativeGround sprouted, your profiles have listed over 13,500 working connections; that is over 1000 new working connections added within the past year! You are finding each other online (a lot!) and have sent over 2000 messages to various profile owners in 2019; however, this statistic does not include the folks that may have reached out by phone, other social media, or through your linked websites – so we know there is even more communication going on out there!

Speaking of linking up, here are a few pickings from 2019 CreativeGround live on-the-ground encounters. We networked with you:

At Locally Hosted Info Sessions

At Conferences

At Artist Markets

At NEFA and Partner Events

  • CreativeGround enabled us to discover Jeremiah McLane and Annemieke McLane and invite the power duo to perform at the CreativeGround reception at NEFA’s sixth Creative Communities Exchange (CCX) in Montpelier, VT.
  • Leicester Bay Theatricals and the Maine Music Educators Association at Arts + Culture Day in Maine talked about how they use CreativeGround now and where that use can grow.
  • We hosted 10 one-on-one checkups at our CreativeGround “Clinic” at NEFA’s 18th Annual Idea Swap, where Doolittle+Bird discussed their approach to artist management.

By Email and Phone

Two women talk to each other while looking at the same laptop
Dee Schneidman meets with a "patient" at the CreativeGround Clinic at IdeaSwap 2019; Photo by Jeffrey Filiault

How About them Apples?

Thanks to your direct feedback, the ‘Ground has shifted, as a dynamic reflection of our live creative community. We:

  • Changed the “Literature” discipline to “Literary Arts” 
  • Added "Children’s" to the Literary Arts discipline category
  • Added “Polish” to the Languages Available category
  • Learned to be aware that there is always another event and/or gathering on your local radars 

We have had librarians, community organizers and local artists flag or make suggestions for profiles. Since CreativeGround launched, you have helped us find owners for over 1,200 profiles germinated by IRS seed data. AND, you have helped us welcome new artists to our community, with 352 new profiles added in the past year. Basically, you’ve made CreativeGround and the creative economy of New England look lush. 

Who is digging in the 'Ground?

There were 72,062 visitors to the site (that’s human beings, but they may have visited the site many times). Popular searches included:

  • discovering creative businesses, nonprofits and artists by location
  • seeking teaching artists; and finding touring performing artists

Over 27,000 visitors are based in a total of 50 cities/ towns (making them our “top 50”), with over 20,000 of those people based in New England. 

What about those not in New England? We get folks perusing CreativeGround from New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia and more! Why? Artists may want to tour their work to New England and are looking for venues. Presenters may be seeking to book a New England artist. Sometimes, a person or gallery has a work of art by a New England visual artist and CreativeGround provides a way to reconnect (or even commission another piece!). Not to mention, grant panelists from the region and beyond may be reviewing your qualifications. CreativeGround is a platform for the New England creative economy, and both those inside and outside the region can dig how good you look.

We’re excited to cultivate the future of CreativeGround with you, our dear community members. Our 2020 vision for CreativeGround is only just beginning to blossom.

a group of people sitting at picnic tables in a green landscape. several artist display tents are are surrounding the people.
Attendees at the 2019 Abenaki Heritage Weekend in Vergennes, VT; Photo by Morganna Becker

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