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Program Officer, Public Art

New England Foundation for the Arts is excited to launch the Public Art Learning Fund. Through small grants of $500-$2,000, the Public Art Learning Fund provides resources for artists in New England to identify and pursue professional development opportunities that they need to strengthen their own public art practice at this point in their careers.  

Sometimes we learn best through the process of making our art. And sometimes we need a moment to focus our energy on learning, without the pressure of producing art that’s ready for the public. The Public Art Learning Fund is taking the latter approach; by supporting artists in pursuing professional development opportunities to build necessary skills, resources, and connections that strengthen their own public art practice, we are in turn strengthening the field of public art and fostering more equitable, inclusive, and vibrant public spaces and public life throughout New England. 

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Assets for Artists' Building Knowledge and Networks for Performing Artists workshop, photo by Kim Szeto/NEFA

When it comes to developing your public art practice, what are some areas that you’d like to grow? Is there a technique that you want to learn more about? Do you need to sharpen your knowledge around budgeting, insurance, financial management and planning so that the “business of being an artist” isn’t taking up your creative time? Are you looking to learn more about developing a socially-engaged practice? The Public Art Learning Fund may be the right opportunity for YOU!

Learn more about PALF’s eligibility criteria and funding priorities on our website.

The application is currently open, and the deadline to apply is November 12, 2019.

Questions about PALF? Reach out to Kamaria Carrington, Public Art Program Associate, at kcarrington@nefa.org, or Kim Szeto, Public Art Program Director, at kszeto@nefa.org.

Update: September 25, 2019

Watch a webinar, lead by program director Kim Szeto, to learn more about this new funding opportunity for New England artists: