NEFA's Crowdfunding session of the Public Art Discussion Series: the "take-aways"

Elysian smiles in front of a gray wall
Program Coordinator, Public Art & Creative Communities

Crowdfunding is not only about the $$$; it is also about effective marketing and outreach – two useful skills for public artists. Crowdfunding is currently a trend in the arts; many articles in the news cite artists, organizations and companies using the funding model. Did you read the Talking Points Memo IdeaLab article that projected Kickstarter would provide more funding to the arts than the NEA in 2012? Createquity - a lively and unique virtual think tank and definite must follow - also posted a thoughtful  article about arts funding.
On October 23, NEFA and the Boston Art Commission teamed up to explore innovative and contemporary funding strategies for public art projects. Public artists and administrators gathered at NEFA to learn about the crowdfunding process and its challenges and opportunities. Funders like Kickstarter and the Awesome Foundation demonstrated that the model is an effective way to tell your story and garner support. Artists who led a Kickstarter campaign provided useful insight about the process including timeframes, budgets, and use of social media.

Check out this summary of the event with helpful take-aways, and let us know about your crowdfunding success.

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