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This webinar, recorded on October 29, 2015, is for any U.S. nonprofit organization interested in presenting a project that is touring with NDP support.  Learn more about how to apply for an NDP Presentation Grant, from contacting tour coordinators all the way to the final report.




NPD Presentation Grants are made to U.S. nonprofit organizations to support engagements of NDP awarded projects on tour by subsidizing up to 50% of the artist's fee (including housing, per diem, and travel).

This webinar, led by NDP staff, guides participants step-by-step through:

  • How a Presentation Grant works
  • Application process
  • Presentation Grant deadlines
  • Presentation Grant reporting requirements.

 (Please note that deadlines specified in this webinar are for the 2015-2016 calendar. Deadlines to be eligible for the November 16, 2015, application date have already passed.)

As always, NEFA staff are available to help with the application process for the upcoming Presentation Grant deadline, or to answer questions about any other NDP Programs.

Kristin Gregory
Program Coordinator, National Dance Project
617.951.0010 x521

Cheri Opperman
Grant Coordinator, National Dance Project
617.951.0010 x524