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NEFA values art and artists, just like YOU!

We stand with arts supporters like you. This year we invested over $3.7 million in over 400 artists’ and organizations’ projects and artistic development. We are proud of our work, but it is impossible without the support of our champions and donors.

One simple way to take action to support the arts today is to donate to NEFA’s Annual Fund. Your gifts enable transformative, creative connections for artists and audiences.

This fall, National Dance Project grantee Ephrat Asherie of Ephrat Asherie Dance stopped by our offices and shared how NEFA’s programs, hands-on support, and belief in her as an artist have positively impacted her career. NEFA’s support allowed her to expand her tour to include new locations all over the country, which in turn increased her company’s visibility in the dance field and led her to sign on with a new agent to continue this exciting growth.

As a donor, you are changing the lives of artists like Ephrat, enabling them to use their creative voices to inspire and enlighten audiences and communities. Your support empowers artists and cultural organizations to thrive, strengthening New England’s vital creative economy.

Thank you for your generosity!

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