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Community Engagement Coordinator, Creative Economy

As we physically increase the distance between us to protect those most vulnerable, we can utilize the online tools we have to connect and understand that we are not alone. This is a time to virtually explore the arts and culture in New England as a source of healing and innovation. Let us know how CreativeGround is helping and can help

Did you know that CreativeGround is a public promotional cultural directory AND a research database? This means...

  • Anyone in the world can learn about and connect with New England's creative people and places directly through your public profiles (it's the only regional creative directory in the U.S.)
  • NEFA uses the information you put in your public profile to assign research codes like NAICS and NTEE so that CreativeGround can also be the raw database of entities that is analyzed when we commission studies that quantify the impact of the regional creative economy for those who fund and advocate for it.
  • The more it's used and updated, the better CreativeGround tracks the vital creative work occurring in New England communities and informs state and regional decisions about how to support and strengthen those doing that work.

Completely unsure where to begin? Not even sure if you or your organization has CreativeGround profile? Follow step-by-step instructions to update or create a free CreativeGround profile:

Instructions to Update or Create CreativeGround Profile

Digging Into CreativeGround with some Data Do-Overs

People are digging into CreativeGround to find artists, venues, services, etc. These diggers are more likely to Search and Explore if the results they find are relevant and useful; this means that you and your networks have filled out your profiles to show up in the appropriate results - a win for the diggers and a win for you, gems.

The more accurate you make your profile, the better CreativeGround will know who you are and what you do in order to connect you with resources.

Do any of the below scenarios need your attention?

screen shot of the back end of a CreativeGround profile showing the profile name Juan Marquez correctly lining up with the Institution/Business Type of Artist (Individual)


Screenshot of the back end of a CreativeGround profile for Juan Marquez showing the incorrect insitution/business type of Arts Centers


Screenshot of the edit view of a CreativeGround profile for Institute of Contemporary Art with the correct institution/business type of Museums - Art


screenshot of the edit view of the CreativeGround profile for Intergenerational Bachata Association with the correct legal status of Nonprofit - Independent


screenshot of the edit view for a CreativeGround profile for Intergenerational Bachata Association showing the incorrect legal status of Commercial Business - Corporation


  • Are you the owner of a profile that does not represent a performing group or individual artist, AND you have selected "I am a Touring Artist" or "I am a Teaching Artist" or "I am a Native American Artist."
    • These sections are reserved for individual artists or performing groups, so consider what entity the profile is for and accordingly make adjustments.

What can you do?

  • Review your own profile to make sure that all your selected fields are referring to one entity consistently.
  • If you need help, check out the FAQs OR sign up for a 1:1 phone call with a CreativeGround team member.
  • If you are a practicing artist and on the staff for an organization, make two profiles!
  • As you dig into CreativeGround, flag profiles that have mismatched fields by selecting "Flag this profile" at the bottom of the profile page.

We also don't want to put you into a box. Please let us know if a recommendation doesn't fit with how you categorize yourself and why. We are learning from you!

Update Your Profile 

Living La Vida Local (Data)

We receive myriad requests for local data; in the digital age, the most difficult comprehensive data to find is often local. There are potential benefits to sharing CreativeGround data directly with local partners - it could result in more inclusive invitations to join networks, more accurate asset mapping by planners and community advocates, and easier discovery of unknown entities by potential funders. The use of CreativeGround infrastructure for local websites could allow local leaders to use a consistent and sustainable tool to highlight their local assets while keeping them visible to the larger region. We understand why the "locals" want to dig into CreativeGround.

We are currently in a discovery phase for what local data sharing can look like for CreativeGround. We want to be mindful of your privacy and make sure that any data shared yields the greatest benefit back to you. Please email Dee Schneidman if you think you/your organization is a good fit for our focus group about local data sharing options.

PLEASE NOTE: The data currently archived by CreativeGround are made available for non-commercial purposes only. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use for detailed information regarding NEFA's policies on data use. We will notify you before we make any changes to our existing data sharing policy.

Census 2020

On top of everything else that 2020 is shaping up to be, 2020 is a Census year! CreativeGround wants to share some information with you about how your participation (or withholding thereof) can affect you. NEFA's Creative Economy department (which houses CreativeGround) uses Census data for our creative economy reports, so we have keen interest in learning what affects your decision to share or not share your data.

Why get counted? Ultimately, the census lets you create and participate in your community's shared sense of what matters because getting counted:

  • Shows that demographically, everyone matters
  • Determines the federal resource allocation of $800 billion dollars by informing the creation of political districts
  • Allows for better representation in elected officials by determining redistricting
  • Serves as a valuable data source for research like NEFA commissioned reports about creatives and your work!

Ultimately, the decision is yours. A few other facts:

  • There is NO citizenship question on the Census
  • Title XIII guarantees the confidentiality of the information you provide for 72 years
  • Certain communities are historically hard to count and lack of representation can under-resource those communities. Check out CUNY's interactive map of Hard to Count communities.

Want to get involved beyond filling out the Census? Check out the State Count Action Network.

What concerns do you have about sharing your data? We want to know! Email creativeground@nefa.org to help us learn what factors into your decision to share your data (or not!).

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