Nathalie Nia Faulk

By a pond at sunset, Nia, a Black woman with long curly hair, looks off into the distance.

Nathalie Nia Faulk

Leads with She/Her, Accepts They/Them
National Theater Project Advisor
Last Call Oral History Project;
Cultural Organizing Programs Manager,
Alternate ROOTS;
Southern Organizer Academy
Location: Chitimacha and Bulbancha lands (Lafayette/New Orleans, LA)


N. Nathalie Nia Faulk (she/her) (Nath -uh- lee  Knee-Uh  Fulk) is a self-described ebony southern belle born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Since her childhood, her work has lived at the intersections of performance, history and storytelling, healing justice, individual and organizational development, and community building. They use these competencies as tools for the liberation of all people, centering trans and gender nonconforming black and brown people. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of New Orleans. Currently; they serve as a human rights commissioner for the City of New Orleans, Co-director of Southern Organizer Academy, Co-Director of Oral History  Last Call , and as the Cultural Organizing Programs Manager for Alternate ROOTS. In addition to her service as board member of Transcending Women, they currently serve both BreakOUT! and the LOUD Queer Youth Theater advisory boards.

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