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Brooklyn, NY

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Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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[siccer] is an animation and dance project prompted by how black bodies are photographed, (mis)quoted, and rendered strange in cinematic media. Using stop-motion to animate five dancers, [siccer] reinterprets “strangeness” as a desirable, collective contagion that confounds simplistic "capture." By improvising and expanding upon the film’s scenarios, [siccer] explores ways for dancers to sustain arguments with their virtual selves.

Estimated Artist Fee: $6,040/performance; $26,370/performance week; $3,000 screening only (sliding scale depending on institution budget).

Presenter Partners

  • The Kitchen (New York, NY)
  • The Momentary (Bentonville, AR)
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Portland, OR)

Tour Coordinator

Rebecca Fitton
Studio Manager/Assistant
Will Rawls
Tel. (920) 851-6661