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Brooklyn, NY

Toshi Reagon/Bernice Johnson Reagon/Eric Ting, Brooklyn, NY
Project Title
Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower: The Opera
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
Grant Amount

Based on the dystopian novel by the late Afro-futurist and science fiction author Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower is a genre-defying work of political theater that harnesses 200 years of Black music. It chronicles the spiritual awakening of young Lauren Olamina amidst a not-so-distant America wracked by the violence brought on by climate change that has driven society to the brink. Exploding the form of a ritual song-cycle, Parable fuses science fiction, African American spiritualism, deep insights intogender and race, and climate activism to construct a mesmerizing meditation on the future of human civilization.

Projected Touring Availability

Currently available

Tour Coordinator

Meiyin Wang |
tel 646-496-8087

NEFA's National Theater Project 2016 awards work samples from NEFA on Vimeo.