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Wilmington, NC

Project Title
Quiet As It’s Kept
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Quiet As It’s Kept (QAIK) explores the intersection of historical sexual trauma, southern culture, and silence in Black communities. As a point of departure, the program interprets the oral histories of Black survivors of sexual abuse living in rural areas in coastal North Carolina. The program incorporates dance, puppetry, and music rooted in the region’s traditional folk arts. Central to this work is a community engagement strategy that works with local and national stakeholders that contextualize the work and spark an active discourse.

Estimated Artist Fee: $18,000/performance; $25,000/week.

Presenter Partners

  • SLIPPAGE@Duke (Durham, NC)
  • The Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College (Wilmington, NC)
  • Working Narratives (Wilmington, NC)

Tour Coordinator

Nick Szuberla
Executive Director / Project Director
Nick Szuberla
Tel. (606) 454-8864


In a white orb, two dancers stand while a third does floorwork.
courtesy of the artists
A composite of three male dancers, with party clothes, mesh leotard, and ripped denim.
courtesy of the artists.
A composite of five black dancers in a white/gray orb.
courtesy of the artists.