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Brooklyn, NY

Spiderwoman Theater, Brooklyn, NY
Project Title
Misdemeanor Dream
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
Grant Amount

Misdemeanor Dream is a theatre performance project which brings together performing artists and designers from Native and First Nations communities across the United States and Canada. The production delves into old and new stories of tricksters, shape shifters, and spirits and explores our relationship to this otherworld through experience of space and installation and the rhythms and sounds of the original languages. Using spoken word, dance and movement, music and sound, the production weaves humor and irreverence and explores uncomfortable truths. We reclaim our languages and the connections to our ancestors, to history and to our cultural sources. 

Projected Touring Availability

Beginning September 2021

Tour Coordinator

Deborah Ratelle, Managing Director
Two Spirit Productions
tel 347-828-5370