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Holyoke, MA

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New Work New England
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Re/emergence is a multidisciplinary, immersive performance installation developed by an artistic collective of designers, dramaturgs, and theater directors. Inspired by ancient myths of creation, we examine social transformations of the present moment to ascertain our roles as architects of a new, more equitable future. Our work captures our impressions of the layered and complex metamorphoses of the present, from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic to this summer’s racial justice uprising, and draws parallels to growth and change occurring in the natural world.

Work Samples

On a stage, four women in purple, pink, and green flower costumes perform.
photo by Jon Crispin
From a red curtain, a man in drag is spotlight. Before the curtain, a crowd of men and women in pink dresses hold their arms up.
photo by Jon Crispin