Worcester, MA
Project Title
Indigenous Village Site in Nipnet
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Public Art for Spatial Justice
Grant Amount

Andre Strongbearheart Gaines-Roberson, Jr. (Minikesu Mosq Metah), Nipmuc citizen and traditional artist, is leading the creation of a traditional Nipmuc village homesite in the heart of Nipmuc homelands. The site will include traditional homes, called wetus, erected using cedar poles harvested from Nipmuc land. The use of cedar poles serves in highlighting the need for broad education on the proper stewardship of land guided by the principles of honor and reciprocity and by traditional Indigenous knowledge and teachings. The functional village site will provide space for Nipmuc people to gather, eat, shelter and decompress. The site will also be used for workshops, storytelling and food sovereignty events, dances, ceremonies, and other gatherings.

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