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Springfield, VT
Project Title
Tell Me How You Breathe
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New Work New England
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Wildfires choke the air, police steal breath, and respiratory disease halts business-as-usual. The lungs are the site of interconnectedness and the organ of grief. Though these intersecting crises were highlighted in 2020, in many ways they continue to worsen. “Who gets to breathe freely, fully, with ease,” is still a necessary question. In Tell Me How You Breathe, Loom Ensemble uses dance-theater performances in public parks to move the grief up and out. With the nourishment of participatory ceremony and song, Loom grounds this political conversation in the physical body, to incite the radical act of collectively imagining a more just and beautiful world.

A white woman dances on a wall while leaning on a white man.
photo by Mary Lou Penin