Boston, MA
Project Title
Professional and Artistic Development through NDEO
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England Dance Fund
Grant Amount

I, Libby Bullinger, am a recent graduate of Mercyhurst University, with degrees in Dance and Dance Education. My future plans involve attending graduate school to study dance education and choreography with the ultimate intention of teaching dance at the collegiate level. In my time between undergraduate school and pursuing my master's, it is a personal priority that I continue my dance education and stay informed on the most current and innovative research in the dance world. The Online Professional Development Institute run by the National Dance Education Organization provides a variety of online courses for dance educators, with an option to obtain a Certificate in Dance Education. Persistent pursuit of learning and remaining curious about teaching methods is one of my primary values as a dance educator. The opportunity to enroll in these online courses would present a structured chance to consume new information and advance my knowledge prior to graduate school.