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San Francisco, CA

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National Dance Project Production Grant
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RUSH is an interdisciplinary dance work and 360-degree immersive audiovisual experience that dissolves the separation between street and concert dance. A collaboration between LEVYdance and the U.K.’s 2Faced Dance, RUSH recontextualizes concert dance forms typically performed on a proscenium stage, placing them in a carefully crafted, self-sufficient, tourable venue called The POD. RUSH will be an interactive indoor/outdoor experience that delivers all the energy of the club scene with all the magic of dance, storytelling, theater, and circus, taking you down the rabbit hole where everything is possible. Come as you are, and participate as you want in this energetic spectacle.

Estimated artist fee: $40,000/performance; $40,000/week.

Tour Coordinator

Garance Marneur |
Executive Artistic Director
tel 415-701-1300

Presenter Partners

  • Ferst Center for the Arts, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
  • Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture/San Francisco International Arts Festival (San Francisco, CA)
  • Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)

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NDP Presentation Grant

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