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San Francisco, CA

Project Title
Convergent Waves
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Convergent Waves is a new site-responsive, multimedia experience by Lenora Lee Dance celebrating the contributions of activists and non-profit leaders, reclaiming space by eliciting stories of community agency, resilience, and transformation. Inspired by rich narrative, this work represents a powerful call for community oriented development in the face of rapid change, making a collective statement for the preservation of community as neighborhoods across the country inhabited for generations face cultural erosion, loss of businesses, and displacement through gentrification. Convergent Waves highlights successes in preserving the cultural fabric and accomplishments of these communities.

This piece can be modified for indoor or outdoor venues.

Estimated Artist Fee: $15,000/performance; $22,000/week.

Presenter Partners

  • Asian Art Museum (San Francisco, CA) 
  • Pao Arts Center (Boston, MA) 
  • Terasaki Budokan - A Project of Little Tokyo Service Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Tour Coordinator

Lenora Lee
Artistic Director
Lenora Lee Dance
Tel.(415) 913-8725

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Work Sample & Photos


A female dancer seems to pull an imaginary string that tugs the arm of a male dancer.
Johnny Nguyen, Lynn Huang; photo by Robbie Sweeny
On stage, four dancers, in red outfits, walk behind an impassioned performance.
Lenora Lee, Jory Horn, Johnny Nguyen, Megan Lowe, and Hien Huynh; photo by Robbie Sweeny