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Minneapolis, MN

Karen Sherman, Minneapolis, MN
Project Title
Soft Goods
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Dancers are expected to be seen and sensual, to feel and reveal everything to us. But stagehands, who make dances possible, are expected to disappear, to become no one, to make the work and the worker invisible. When you work this way, you risk living this way. Soft Goods, created and performed by stage technicians (some of whom are also dancers), uses choreography, manual labor, scripted and improvised text, and the performance space itself to look at work, loss, aliveness, death, disappearance, and occupational self-obliteration. Estimated artist fee: $15,000/performance, $25,000/week (plus housing and travel).

Tour Coordinator
Karen Sherman, Choreographer/Director
tel 917.374.7627

Presenter Partners
American Dance Institute (Rockville, MD)
Performance Space 122 (New York, NY)
Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Photo: Karen Sherman