Pittsfield, MA
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice
Grant Amount

Substance use disorder, drug trafficking, and drug-related-deaths are epidemics nationally and locally. Our team is rooted in the “underbelly” of Berkshire County. We are committed to imagining how public art can bring hope into dark corners of the community, facilitate a platform for impacted voices, diminish stigma, and mobilize. Jenny works at the intersection of arts and social change. Tyler is a Pittsfield native and is currently incarcerated at Hampden County Correctional Center. Sadie is a recent high-school-graduate and creative writer committed to advocating for harm-reduction. Both Tyler and Sadie have lived experience. Tyler used to sell drugs, and has an intimate knowledge of how drug trafficking can decimate communities; Sadie has battled substance use disorder. They are uniquely positioned to engage with individuals in the community who are not often invited to the table, and are committed to using their past experiences to help find a way forward.  www.jennyherzog.com

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