Nashville, TN
Project Title
The Four Journeys
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Presentation Grant
Grant Amount

Festival of African American Arts & Entertainment. A yearly celebration of African American culture through arts and entertainment. An annual experiential event that invites, welcomes and entertains African Americans through music, art, dance, theater and film. Festival Dance feature Cleo Parker Robinson Dance in a gift to the community of Nashville through a master class on Saturday September 3 in Walk of Fame Park. On Sunday September 4, during festival Dance; Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble will Present, The Four Journeys, a 90-minute performance that includes four major works and spoken word. "Freedom Dance," one of the major works, includes music by Denver’s Grammy Award-winning jazz icon, Dianne Reeves. “Four Journeys” examines the intersection of African, Asian, Spanish, and Indigenous culture in Mexico.