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Brooklyn, NY

Faye Driscoll, Brooklyn, NY
Project Title
Thank You For Coming: Play
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Thank You For Coming: PLAY is the second in a series of works which heighten how we experience ourselves in relation to other bodies, stories, and spaces. The ritual of storytelling will be forced to the forefront of a physically-driven dance-play to examine how we rely on stories to relate to one another and form identities as individuals and citizens. The conflation of Driscoll’s life story with those of her collaborators and others will create a quasi-fictional collective autobiography that is danced, sung, and spoken. Estimated artist fee: $25,000/week (plus housing, travel, and freight).

Tour Coordinator
Sandra Garner, Producer 
Faye Driscoll Group

Presenter Partners
Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, MA)
Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)
The Yard (Chilmark, MA)

Photo: Maria Baranova