Grant Recipient Details

Hyde Park, MA
Fabiola R. Decius, Hyde Park, MA
Project Title
Teens WRITE (Writing, Reading, and Investigating Theater Everywhere)
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Creative City Boston - Artist Grant
Grant Amount
  • July 14, 2018 | Ten-Minute Play Festival | 1-4 PM
    Riverside Theatre Works, 45 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park, MA

Teens WRITE is a weekly three-month program, in which youth write, revise, cast, direct, and produce original plays culminating in a Ten-Minute Play Festival. Led by playwright Fabiola R. Decius, teens learn basic elements of playwriting, how to critically respond to other’s work in a reassuring setting, the steps in rewriting and revising, establishing criteria for auditioning and casting a play, and directing techniques. Additionally, there are guest appearances by local theater personnel.

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Two young women sit on a stage reading lines in front of an illustrated cityscape.
Photo by Maureen White
A young person delivers an impassioned speech on a stage, with their hand in a fist by their core.
Photo by Maureen White
Fabiola leads a discussion with some young people around a table.
Photo by Maureen White