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New York, NY
Ephrat Asherie Dance, New York, NY
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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Odeon, an original dance work for seven dancers and four musicians, is the second collaboration between sister and brother team Ephrat and Ehud Asherie (choreographer and pianist, respectively). Set to the music of Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth, known for mixing European harmonies with African rhythms, this work explores connections between various street and club dances – including breaking, hip hop, house, and vogue. Odeon delves into what happens when you bring this extended family of dances together, pick them apart, remix them, and place them in unfamiliar spatial and choreographic contexts. In Odeon, expansive movements merge seamlessly with Nazareth’s up-tempo rhythms and romantic melodies, celebrating each dancer’s unique style. Estimated artist fee: $14,500/performance; $21,500/week.

Tour Coordinator

Sandy Garcia |
Artist Representative
tel 212.278.8111 ext. 3425

Presenter Partners

  • Chatham Dance Festival (Chatham, NY)
  • Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (Becket, MA)
  • The Yard (Chilmark, MA)