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New York, NY

Project Title
Being Future Being
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Award-winning choreographer Emily Johnson’s newest work delves into the power of future creation stories. An evening-length performance for the stage, featuring Johnson and a cast of more-than-human creatures, this work seeks to (re)build new visions of the forces that brought this world into being. In doing so, it brings into focus radical futures with the potential to reshape the way we relate to ourselves, and to the human and more-than-human cohabitants of our worlds. 

Estimated Artist Fee: $28,000/performance $33,000/week

Presenter Partners

  • The Broad Stage (Santa Monica, CA) 
  • New York Live Arts (New York, NY) 
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Portland, OR)

Tour Coordinator

George Lugg 
Company: George Lugg
Tel. (213) 446-9556 

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NDP Presentation Grant

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