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Los Angeles, CA
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Native Nation
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National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
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Native Nation is an Indigenous theatrical experience for the whole family with the original people of this land to see the world through their eyes. Part marketplace, cultural performance, community gathering and theater, Native Nation is a new experience that will forever change the way you see this land. Playwright Larissa FastHorse, director Michael John Garcés, and Cornerstone have created a touring structure including engagements that incorporate stories of your local Indigenous community. With Native Nation, Cornerstone looks to bring together and celebrate the tribal similarities and differences in an immersive setting through stories, culture, and food of the Indigenous people.  

Projected Touring Availability

Please contact the tour coordinator for more information.

Tour Coordinator

Megan Wanlass |
Managing Director
Cornerstone Theater Company
tel 213-613-1700 x101