Boston, MA
Project Title
Placing Park is a collaboration between BNCLT, artists, and residents that brings neighbors together in solidarity to creatively and collectively imagine the transformation of vacant lots in connection with affordable, social housing
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice
Grant Amount

Initiated by Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust (BNCLT), Placing Park Street brings together residents, artists, and neighbors in Dorchester to imagine alternative models of social housing, public art and popular education and to find new ways for residents to claim and control space, land, and homes. Through a series of workshops and onsite events, the Placing Park Street project will invite neighbors to connect social housing with neighborhood activity through public art. The process, as well as the vision, fortifies the community control of place, outside of destructive market forces. For more information about Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust, visit www.bnclt.org.